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About The Bad Horror Movies GuyI have always loved horror movies.  It was the early 80’s when I first became a true fan.  Before HBO and Showtime and cable there was ON TV.  Other “pay stations” soon started, Z, Select and so on.  But, it was one day in the early 80’s I think it was maybe ’81?  I was 11 years old or so and ON TV had a horror movie marathon.  My parents and I had a sleep over at my aunt & uncles house.  We all camped out on the living room floor and watched horror movies until late in the evening.  It’s when I first saw Halloween and Friday the 13th.

It helps to understand that I had always loved horror movies however, in the late 70’s one of the TV networks aired the Exorcist.  I started to watch it with my parents.  I had to be maybe 8 or 9.  I made it to the head spinning part and that’s when I made my first grown up decision of my life.  I stood up and said, “I don’t think I should be watching this.”  I then walked down the hall to my grandfathers room and watched the rest of Battle of the Network Stars with him.

The next two nights however I didn’t get much sleep.  I was plagued by disturbing visions.  None of them had anything specifically to do with the Exorcist.  It was more of just seeing severed body parts in my head.  I would close my eyes and feel like body parts were on the floor in my room.  Creepy things under the bed.  It was two long nights of not sleeping much and yelling for my parents constantly.

It was because of those nightmares that I wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies anymore.  That was until that ON TV horror movie marathon!  So keep in mind I hadn’t watched any horror movies in years.  And, if I had they were old black & white silly things.  I went from that to Friday the 13th, the goriest movie EVER!  At least at the time it was.  But hell, the special effects by Tom Savini in that movie still stand the test of time.

A long time has passed since then and I have seen more movies and horror than most people I know.  But, I must admit, there are a lot of horror movies and sci-fi movies that are considered that I haven’t seen.  Mainly because when they came out there weren’t classics.  They were just piece of shit movies that didn’t interest connoisseur that I was, at the time.  So as I start to add reviews and so forth on this new site.  Please don’t hate on me too much if I happen to review a “classic” because I just saw it.

Jump to president day and I find myself not so interested in slasher as I once was.  Now, it’s supernatural movies and monster movies that I enjoy the most.  I guess it’s because I most slasher movies have a human being as killer.  I can kill a human being, “If it bleeds, I can kill it.”  I’m a pretty big guy, I’ve been shot at and stabbed and even had my heart broken and I’m not dead yet so slashers don’t scare me as much.  Aliens, creatures, ghosts, things you can’t fight your fists, a knife or a gun scare me.

I also am a fan of the B Horror movies.  However, you will see in my reviews or comments that I grade them differently then I do the big budget movies.  This is because there is no excuse for crappy big budget horror movie.  If you’ve got millions to spend on a horror movie then the direction and the writing has got to be worth it.  On the other hand, an independent film or low budget film, I give them a more of break.  I keep more of an open mind.

That being said, I don’t have the patience I used to have.  Now, I will give a movie about ten minutes to sell me.  In fact the night before last I actually stopped a movie just about ten minutes into it and went on to another movie, that I almost stopped less then 10 minutes into it and the only reason I didn’t is because there was an actress I am fond of in it.  I hadn’t seen her yet so I thought I would at least hold out until I saw her.  If didn’t get better by then, I would stop it and move on.  It got a little better.  I plan to review it later and as well as name the movie I quit watching just before it.  I would mention it now but I honestly don’t recall the name.  I made a note of it in my cell phone but am too lazy to reach over for it and look it up at the moment.

One last thing, I hope you enjoy this site and I hope my reviews help.  However, if you want to see a movie.  Please don’t ever not see it because I said it was a bad horror movie or worse.  Don’t let any review keep you from seeing something you want to see.  My goal here is to offer my opinion.  I may rant and rave about how bad a movie sucks.  If you take my advice, thank you.  But, if it’s a movie you really wanted to see, don’t not see it because some critic like me shit all over it.  See it for yourself.  But, if you it’s just a movie you came across surfing Netflix or Amazon and think it might be interesting but don’t really care one or the other, then take my advice and skip it.  Let me do the dirty work for you.