Zombie Apocalypse 2011

Zombie Apocalypse 2011

Zombie Apocalypse 2011

Zombie Apocalypse 2011Zombie Apocalypse was produced by Syfy and The Asylum and it’s rated R. The film centers around a few survivors of a world wide viral outbreak that has of course caused the Zombie Apocalypse. These few survivors are making their way to a port in Los Angeles where they believe there’s a ferry that is taking survivors to Catalina.

Though this has some star power behind it there’s nothing new here.  It’s the same old zombie story we’ve seen before. Basically it’s an hour and a half of following the characters and wondering who’s going to make it until the end of the film.  The acting is fine but nothing that really stands out. Ving Rhames plays Harry.  Harry is pretty much the character that Ving Rhames played in the Dawn of the Dead remake several years ago. Taryn Manning also stars in this and her performance is fine too. There’s just not really a lot of character depth in Zombie Apocalypse though the film does try make the characters sympathetic.  It’s just that things happen and we never really get to now any of the characters very well. There’s some attempts at depth by mentioning character’s hardships from time to time but it’s not enough to really make anyone care for the them much.

Being completely honest, I enjoyed Zombie Apocalypse.  I just can’t wholeheartedly recommend it and I’ll explain why.  First, I the special effects, mainly the visual effects are so bad, they’re laughable.  I mean even for the Syfy channel, their bad. Overall the bad CGI didn’t bother me too much. But, It’s a zombie movie and if the acting is tolerable and the characters don’t do too many stupid things, I can deal with it. Second thing, sometimes the dialog didn’t fit the action. It was more comical than frustrating. The third thing that kinda bothered me.  It’s shown that the zombies are learning.  One scene, the zombie shows it’s afraid. That’s it, there was no further evolution of that idea.  Thought earlier in the film there was a suggestion that that maybe the zombies had panned an ambush for the group these theroeies are never fully developed.  Had, they put a little effort into these three primary issues it would have made for a more interesting and pleasurable viewing experience. However, despite these problems I still enjoyed it.  I admit that I am biased toward zombie movies.  As long as the acting isn’t stand out horrible and the special effects aren’t completely laughable.  Sure some of the CGI was embarrassingly bad, the practical effects, what little there was, was tolerable.

No Arrows - Zombie Apocalypse

“We have to save every arrow if possible.” Five minutes later, they shoot three zombie with arrows and walk right by them. Zero fucks given about saving arrows.

There were some specific examples of the problems I want to dive into a little bit.  In once scene, some of our survivors use crossbows and bow and arrows. They made a point of saying that if you can retrieve an arrow then do it because supplies are low. Well, in the very next with this group they shoot three zombies and as they stroll right past them, not one character grabs an arrow. They just got done saying, they need to recover the arrows if at all possible and then the who fucking group strolls right past the three zombies without a care in the world.

Another scene that was really hard to take seriously. Two characters have been split up from the rest of the group and they come across a .50 caliber and some ammo to go with.  They put in a shopping cart they’ve found on the street.  Sure enough a few minutes later a zombie horde is approaching them.  One of the characters opens fire on the horde with the .50 cal.  She doesn’t even flinch, no recoil at all. But the worst part is that you can see the rounds on the side of the rifle not even moving as she’s supposedly rapid firing at the oncoming horde. It was just so silly that I just started laughing out loud at it’s ridiculousness.

Automatic Fire Blooper - Zombie Apocalypse

Funny how the ammo dangling doesn’t move on the right and yet the shells come flying out the left side.

Despite the flaws, I still enjoyed the Zombie Apocalypse.  The best I can say as to recommending it is that if you don’t mind bad CGI and some a story that is old and played out, watch it, buy it, have fun with it.  Ving Rhames is his usual awesomeness and Taryn Manning is always a joy to watch.  Be that at as it may, if you’re expecting a good solid story and believable effects, skip it.  It’s why I’m on the bubble with this one.  It isn’t very good but if you are craving some zombie action, give it a go and have some fun.

Cast of Characters:
Ving Rhames as Henry
Gary Weeks as Mack
Johnny Pacar as Julian
Robert Blanche as Brockton
Anya Monzikova as Sarah
Lesley-Ann Brandt as Cassie
Taryn Manning as Ramona
Lilan Bowden as Myrah
Eddie Steeples as Billie
Gerald Webb as Kevin Anderson
Kimberly Ables Jindra as Zombie
Ami Ablea as Zombie
Daryl Allen as Zombie
John Alonzo as Zombie
Larry Andrews as Zombie
Kat Andrusco as Zombie
Mary Alexandra Andrusco as Zombie

It Follows 2014

It Follows 2014

It Follows 2014After carefree teenager Jay (Maika Monroe) sleeps with her new boyfriend, Hugh (Jake Weary), for the first time, she learns that she is the latest recipient of a fatal curse that is passed from victim to victim via sexual intercourse. Death, Jay learns, will creep inexorably toward her as either a friend or a stranger. Jay’s friends don’t believe her seemingly paranoid ravings, until they too begin to see the phantom assassins and band together to help her flee or defend herself.”  -Google Search

It Follows 2014

It Follows has way too many good reviews.  I was looking forward to seeing this and all I can say is, what a let down.  It’s not bad.  It would be unfair to say it was a bad horror movie.  But, after all the hype, what a complete let down.  The acting is fine.  The story, was interesting but it was just so slow, I struggled to stay awake.  The main character does things that just didn’t make sense to me.

…and some poor bastard of boy who is painfully stuck in the friend zone…


It Follows Keir Gilchrist As Paul Friendzone

“What’s that sound?” Dude, it’s the sad sound of you landing in the friendzone.

The movie starts out strong.  But, it just slows to a crawl.  There’s a few moments of action in the movie.  But, for the most part it’s just this teen girl (Jay), her sisters and some poor bastard of boy who is painfully stuck in the friend zone, just sitting around waiting for it to follow her.  And, when shit does happen in the house, their mother is like almost never around, our heroine is running and screaming waking up her sisters but mom I guess is one deep fucking sleeper cause she never wakes up.  She does show up to visit her daughter in the hospital a couple of times but aside from that she’s amazingly never around.

It Follows 2014 Maika Monroe As Jay Height

It was supposed to be scary and suspenseful but honestly, this just looked the beginning of a great date to me. Just sayin…

Jay, our heroine, finally decides to figure out what’s going on and hunts down the asshat responsible for “it” following her.  It stops there.  The asshat has very little information and she decides to not do anything with the information.  That made no sense.  She just seems to accept that there is no way to stop it they all decide to stay at a friends cabin by the lake.  I mean that was just stupid.

You want to know what’s going on but Jay seems content hiding out in a cabin in the woods.  Really? How original for a bunch of teens to end up in a cabin, in the woods.

You want to know what’s going on but Jay seems content hiding out in a cabin in the woods.  Really? How original for a bunch of teens to end up in a cabin, in the woods.  Of course “It” soon finds Jay and in her total panic she takes her friend’s car and speeds off leaving them all behind.  Really?  She knows “It” just walks.  She couldn’t just drive ahead few yards and let her friends in?

The whole reason I stayed with the movie was to learn how the curse started and how she defeats it.  That’s pretty much what you need to make a good movie.  Well, you don’t get that here. The movie just up and ends.  Was the curse passed on to someone else?  The filmmakers suggest that but it’s not clear.  And, as a member of the audience I want to know what they hell the whole curse was about?  I am left feeling unfulfilled.  It’s like they expect this movie to be good enough to make a sequel and then they plan to explain more in that.  That’s crap, total crap.

It Follows Bad Hair Day

It takes more than a bad hair day to make a horror movie.

As I said, the acting was fine.  The movies score had a nice early 80’s feel to it and that was kind fun.  But, it just wasn’t enough.  I need more than a retro sound track to keep me interested.  I really wanted to like this but it was just so damn boring.  Yes, there was suspense but most of the time it was just the kids sitting around doing absolutely nothing. They just sat around waiting for something to happen.  And, when Jay finally decides to investigate she stops at the first person she talks to.  There was at least some information for her to go on and she doesn’t follow through with it.

I honestly can’t figure what all the critics see in this movie.  It’s slow, it’s really slow.  I like golfing and I like horror movies.  I have watched golf on TV and I can honestly say, watching golf is more exciting and than this movie.  It’s not quite as boring as watching paint dry or or waiting for water to boil so that’s a plus I guess.  Let’s just say this movie lands somewhere between watching paint dry and watching golf on TV.

This movie could have been great.  It could have been the next Final Destination.  It’s a great idea but it’s the idea that needed more explanation and it certainly needed a better ending. This movie is sold like a horror mystery and it’s very little horror, very little mystery and what mystery it has it doesn’t give you anything other than it’s a curse.  The films description is as good as it gets.  You don’t learn anything more than what you get from reading the films description.  Take my advice and just read the films description and save yourself an hour and forty minutes of your life.

It Follows Old Creepy Lady

Okay, creepy old lady was in fact creepy for about a minute but then it just became silly.

Cast of Characters:
Maika Monroe as Jay Height
Keir Gilchrist as Paul
Olivia Luccardi as Yara
Lili Sepe as Kelly Height
Daniel Zovatto as Greg Hannigan
Jake Weary as Jeff Redmond / Hugh
Bailey Spry as Annie
Debbie Williams as Mrs. Height
Ruby Harris as Mrs. Redmond
Leisa Pulido as Mrs. Hannigan
Ele Bardha as Mr. Height
Ingrid Mortimer as Old Woman in Pajamas
Alexyss Spradlin as Girl in Kitchen
Mike Lanier as Giant Man
Don Hails as Old Naked Man

Nailbiter 2013

Nailbiter 2013

Nailbiter 2013

Nailbiter 2013 PosterJanet (Erin McGrane) and her children are on the way to the airport to pick up their father (Aaron Laue) when they are forced to take shelter from a tornado that is ravaging the area. They manage to find a storm shelter outside of a seemingly abandoned house, only for the group to become trapped by a fallen tree that prevents them from leaving the storm shelter. Things are made worse when they discover that they’re not alone in the house or storm shelter and the group is attacked by a monstrous creature.” – Wikipedia

I watched Nailbiter last week.  I got busy with other things shortly after watching it and wasn’t able to write a review on it until now.  Well, that’s not completely true.  I could have written review before now but to be honest, I had completely forgotten the name of the movie or even what in the hell it was about it.  This meant that I would have to take the time go through my DVD’s or online accounts like Netflix and so on in the hopes that I could recall the movie and I just didn’t have the time to waste doing that, until now.

Well, I found the movie and started to watch it again.  I decided to let it play in the background as I write this review.  My thinking was that it would help remind me what it was about it.  In a way, it did.  The very beginning reminded of everything about this movie.

So let’s start with the beginning of this horror movie.  After the logos of every production company that touched this film play out it fades to black and we are hit with that annoying Emergency Broadcast tone.  No picture, just a black screen and that sound.  It goes on for several seconds.  It was long enough that I started to wonder if somehow my TV paused the movie just so that I could hear this emergency broadcast.  I literally, hit pause on the movie to double check that it was the movie and not some weird shit going on with my relatively new Vizio TV.  For a split second my thoughts weren’t of the movie, it was more like, “Do they have to play this test 5 times a day now?”  But, nope, it was in fact the movie.  Not a good way for a film to start.  The movie had just started and I was taken out of it story.  The film does have some decent acting and directing.  But, once again, we have a film with characters that do stupid things and few things piss me off like characters doing stupid things.

An example of stupidity, one of our films protagonists is a mom traveling with her three daughters.  They are going to see their military husband and father who’s just coming back from deployment.  They stop in some small town for gas.  Mom already knows that bad weather is coming.  A deputy warns them that maybe they should find a good place to sit out the storm.  Mom of course ignores the warning and I am already thinking, she’s an idiot.  Ten minutes or so into the film and I already think the sympathetic mom is an idiot.

Nailbiter 2013 Erin Mcgrane As Janet Maguire And Meg Saricks As Jennifer Maguire

No one watching the road ahead. What could possible go wrong?

I don’t think that I am being too harsh here.  Think about it, when the Emergency Broadcast is telling you that shit is probably going to hit the fan, it’s a good idea to go ahead and listen to it.  When law enforcements warns you of impending danger, you should really listen to it.  But, this mom just has to make it to the airport to see hubby arrive even though she has got to be aware that hubby’s flight might be late or even cancelled but, nope she’s going to keep going.  This not only puts herself at risk but more importantly, her children.

Okay, I accept it, she misses him, figures what they heck it’s only a tornado.  She’s an idiot, but as I have said before if people didn’t do stupid things in horror movies, we wouldn’t have horror movies.  However, she continues to be stupid again.

Yet another example, while driving she notices the tornado behind her.  So instead of going faster while using her side and rearview mirrors she literally continues to drive while looking back over her shoulder.  I am not talking about the occasional look back.  You know how you turn in your seat when you back out of parking space?  She driving like that but going forward.  Can’t a see a thing ahead of her. She doesn’t have a single problem driving like that but the moment she looks forward she can’t drive in straight line to save her life.  Naturally mom crashes the car into the ditch.  It’s just one bad decision after another.  Less than 15 minutes into the film now and this mother is a walking disaster of stupidity.

The stupid continues… After the crash they have found a vacant cellar and seek shelter in it.  The tornado may have caused a branch to block the cellar entrance.  maybe it was something more sinister that used the branch to block their escape.  They realize they are in fact trapped and start try to get the owners attention.  The owner is home, they know this and panic starts to kick in.

An attempt is made to escape through one of the cellar windows.  However, the daughter attempting the escape is halfway out of the window when attacked by something and retreats back into the cellar.  Now we all know there’s a monster outside, at the very least a vicious dog outside.   The characters know something bad is out there  and no thought to maybe closing the open window with something?  No thought to looking around the basement for something that could be used as a weapon?  Nope.  After attending to said daughters wounds, everyone just kinda sits around.  The only one doing anything productive is the eldest daughter who keeps trying to send texts to her father in the hopes that he will show up and save them.  It’s at this point I started to root for the monsters.  The window the daughter tried to escape from, still wide open.

I will say that for a low budget horror movie, the quality is really good.  It has a lot going for it.  It tries to have some surprises at the end.  It’s not too heavy on the CGI and I like that.  If you can get past mom being kind of an idiot, it’s not too bad.  As mentioned I thought the acting was pretty good.  Erin McGrane as the mom, Janet Maguire, was a strong performance.  The actresses playing her children were good, I really enjoyed Meg Saricks as Jennifer.  She played the oldest daughter and the strongest character I thought.  I enjoyed her performance so much I plan to look up other things she’s done and take a look.

Nailbiter 2013 Meg Saricks As Jennifer Maguire

Shit is always way more dramatic in bad weather. Meg Saricks As Jennifer Maguire

Nailbiter is Directed by Patrick Rea and is written by Patrick Rea, Kendal Sinn.  The writing I think could have used some work.  However, if the rumor is true that a sequel is planned, I look forward to seeing it.  Unfortunately, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this film.  I would like to have seen more gore, less stupid character judgment and better suspense.  Even though I would call this a bad horror movie I am on the bubble here. It’s entertaining, it’s not really, scary, there’s not really a lot of suspense or gore but the desire to know what they hell is going on with the crazy owners is enough to keep you watching.

I would also like to be fair and say that I have read quite a few reviews of this movie and I seem to be in the minority here.  Seems that a lot of people liked it much more than I did.   I can only go by what I thought while watching it.

As I mentioned I have the movie playing as I write this.  I have looked over a few times at the TV and I am still not seeing anything that makes this movie more memorable aside from the acting and production quality.  I want to like it more, I really do, I just can’t.

Cast of Characters:
Emily Boresow as Alice Maguire
Meg Saricks as Jennifer Maguire
Erin McGrane as Janet Maguire
Joicie Appell as Mrs. Shurman
Michelle Davidson as Dina
Ian Dempsey as Sean
Ben Jeffrey as Deputy Carr
Aaron Laue as Lt. Maguire
Allen Lowman as Tom
Zane Martin as Little monster
Mark Ridgway as Sheriff
John D. Barnes as Townsperson
Jason Coffman as Creature
Tom Conroy as Bartender
Anita Cordell as Traveler at airport

The Demented 2013!

The Demented 2013!

The Demented 2013…

The Demented 2013“The demented is a zombie movie that takes place in Louisiana. It starts off like a typical slasher film. Six college students getting together for a weekend of debauchery. Of course that all changes when the zombies show up.”
-Bad Horror Movies

Okay let me start by saying that I sort of enjoyed this one. I am not quite sure why though. I think it was the unusual characteristics of the zombies and the way in which the zombies come to be. The acting was okay, the special effects were decent enough and the story was interesting enough to keep me going.  I thought the writer / director Christopher Roosevelt did an above average job of directing.

Now here’s what I didn’t like and why.  As mentioned the Christopher Roosevelt wrote and directed the movie.  Though I thought his directing was pretty good, it’s the writing that keeps the film from being great.  There were some things I felt Christopher Roosevelt ignored in the story that were a big mistake.  There were also some things he could have done storywise to complete the story.

First mistake. Starting off with the stereo-typical characters, sensitive guy, douchebag guy and so on.  Though some of the characters were given some depth there are certain beats in horror movies you need to hit.  The douchebag character really, really needs to suffer.  I have said this before, I will say it again. When you have the bad guy or one of the characters assigned to be the douchebag, it requires an epic death.  The character needs to realize his douchery is the reason that he is about to die and then he needs to die, as I said, in an epic fashion.  You cheat the audience when this isn’t done. The film should treat each character’s death according to their “characteristics” and give them the death they deserve.  These deaths need to have an impact.

The Demented 2013 The Good Times

Ah, the good times. Young good looking people not having sex. It’s a crime really.

Second mistake.  The deaths aren’t very creative.  I can accept this if the story is interesting an is providing me with information along the way.  When I am not being fed information in a horror movie then I need to be seeing some well done gore, preferably not CGI.  I don’t think I am alone in seeing it that way.  If you can have both, great.  But, we need at the very least, one or another.

Third mistake.  There are questioned the film raises that are never answered.  Maybe I am expecting too much from a zombie movie but I don’t think so.  The zombies in this film have a characteristic not seen before in other zombie films.  At least I haven’t seen it before.  One of the reasons I was enjoying the film was looking forward to finding out why.  Why the zombies acted the way they did.  Why what happened to cause the infection, happened? (I am trying to explain the problems without giving away specific storylines.) Is what led to the spread of the virus happening elsewhere?

Forth mistake. Stupidity.  I hate character stupidity, there wasn’t too much of it and that’s a good thing but there was one moment that I saw coming.  It was just so obvious and I wanted to reach the screen and slap the character.  It’s seen where the whole gang is driving away from the zombies.  I figure they are going to crash because changes are if they make to the road blocks we’ve told about, that they will be shot or something.  The simplistic, way to avoid this is to have them crash and be stranded someplace again.

The Demented 2013 Car Crash

This scene was so predictable it was an insult to all things predictable. Predictability, did a facepalm after seeing this crash.

Sure enough the driver starts taking his eyes off the road.  It’s stupid!  It’s one thing to look away for second while driving, this dumbass looks to the passenger for what seemed like a minute.  It was so stupid, it took me out of the movie again.  And, that’s never a good thing.  You want your audience to follow allow, it’s that whole suspension of disbelief thing.  You lose the audience when your characters do really stupid things.  He finally looks forward, not because he’s driving a fucking car during the zombie apocalypse and should be watching the road.  His girlfriend in the front seat notices the zombie in the road and screams.  Now instead of just driving over the zombie, he swerves and then crashes.  Stupid.

Fifth mistake.  The ending.  It sucked.  Another pet peeve of mine, bad endings.  I don’t care how creative you think you are, if your ending sucks the movie isn’t going to do well.  You can have the best movie ever and then ruin it completely with a shit ending.  This ending made no sense at all.  We are watching this movie unfold in present day.  Then suddenly at the end one of the survivors drifts off into a daydream?  The ending just wasn’t done well.

Sixth mistake.  The ending again.  I understand the desire some filmmakers have to go with negative endings.  The risk however is pissing off the audience if it’s not done right.  When you spend 90 minutes or more getting to know characters and you kill everyone or kill some of main characters at the end it leaves people like me thinking, thanks for wasting my time about story that didn’t matter.  For example, if everyone dies at the end of the movie and none of the characters had any impact on the world around them, then our whole time watching the film has just been wasted.  Nothing was learned, nothing was gained.

The Demented 2013 Unanswered Questions

Hey! Look over there, it’s all the answers you’re never going to get.

This type of ending is only effective under a very few circumstances.  Say a character finds a cure for the infections and then is killed.  That can work.  I personally hate these types of endings but if done well, I can deal with it.  But, if I just spent 90 minutes living with these people and everyone dies or the main character dies and their death is meaningless, then so becomes the movie.

For this reason, I am on the bubble here.  It’s not a bad movie.  Though I did read someones review of it and they shit all over this movie.  I had just finished watching it, and his review made me like this movie even more because he was so off base and so angry.  I look forward to seeing Christopher Roosevelt’s upcoming movie Necrosis hopefully later this year (2015).  I think he has some good ideas and a lot of potential.

Cast of Characters:
Kayla Ewell … Taylor
Richard Kohnke … David
Ashlee Brian … Brice
Brittney Alger … Naomi
Sarah Butler … Sharley
Michael Welch … Howard

The Burrowers 2008!

The Burrowers 2008!

The Burrowers 2008…

The Burrowers 2008A band of courageous men sets out to find and recover a family of settlers that has mysteriously vanished from their home. Expecting the offenders to be a band of fierce natives, the group prepares for a routine battle. But they soon discover that the real enemy stalks them from below.”  – Written by Anonymous

After watching that Harrow Woods disaster of a  movie, The Burrowers was a sight for sore eyes.  It’s not great, it’s not even really that good.  But, the acting is really good.  Best of all there weren’t any characters doing really stupid things and Lionsgate stuck it’s name to it so it had some production quality.

This movie is set in the old west.  It’s kinda of like a road trip movie meets Tremors only it’s set in the late 1800’s.  That being said, I liked that it didn’t fall to a lot of old west stereo-types.  The dialog was decent, the characters were believable.

The Burrowers 2008 Karl Geary And Clancy Brown

There are few things that keep me from wholeheartedly recommending it.  First off, it’s really slow going.  There’s hope at the beginning for a nicely paced film but then it just bogs itself down for no reason. The film opens with a man and women in a field.  They seem to care for each other.  It’s in slow motion so it seems to be a memory.  Then it’s present day or rather I am guessing later that night and the family is attacked by something.  We can’t see what it is, there’s no gore, just a lot of screaming.

The next day or hero shows up and discovers members of the family massacred and the girl he cares for is missing.  A manhunt is underway.  Lot’s of characters on horseback all assuming it was those nasty Indians that massacred the family and kidnapped the women.  This is when it all slows down and never really picks back up.  It’s just one of many things I had problems with.

One of those things that bothered me was the lack of payback.  There’s a character in the movie that is such an asshole.  So horrible, played to perfection by Doug Hutchison.  He is one of the actors that can play a character so well, you think he’s not acting.  Anyways, this character is obviously set up as the bad guy.  And, what do we want to see happen to every bad guy in a movie?  We want them to see them die magnificently.  We want payback for all the shitty things they’ve done.  Well, don’t hold your breath because that doesn’t happen.

I know the intent of this is to make the audience feel something when we get to the end of the movie.  I get what they were trying to do.  It’s something Rod Serling did better than anyone in the Twilight Zone.  He made you think, and there was always that little twist where we think our protagonist finally wins the day and then at the last moment, something from beyond his control ruins everything.  The thing to remember when trying to do this in your film, you’re not Rod Serling.  All you’re going to do is to piss off your audience and make the audience feel like they just got robbed.

The Burrowers 2008 Eye Seri DeYoung

Girl found half alive buried in the dirt, EYE didn’t see that coming.

Some people like that feeling, some people will watch this movie and feel for our hero at the outcome.  I can see people saying things like, “That’s fucked up.” Or, “Oh that has to suck!”.  The rest of us are just going to hate the ending.  A good ending to a book or a movie is critical to it’s success.  You can have Gone with the Wind for 89 minutes but if that last minute doesn’t pay off for the masses, it’s not going to be successful.

If you want to keep making movies you play to the crowd.  I am not saying you can’t create art.  Not saying you’re not talented.  Just saying that there isn’t a filmmaker, a sports legend, an artist that just woke up created a masterpiece.  Play to the crowd and get some practice first before you go all Rod Serling on us.  Take it from me, I write a blog on the internet no one reads…  Because, I’m still in practice mode.  See how I brought that back full circle.

Final conclusion, I’m on the bubble with this one.  It’s an interesting story, you can’t beat the acting and the ending isn’t completely predictable.

Cast of Characters:
Clancy Brown as John Clay
William Mapother as William Parcher
Laura Leighton as Gertrude Spacks
Sean Patrick Thomas as Walnut Callaghan
Doug Hutchison as Henry Victor
Karl Geary as Fergus Coffey
Galen Hutchison as Dobie Spacks
Jocelin Donahue as Maryanne Stewart

Don’t Blink 2014

Don’t Blink 2014

Don’t Blink 2014…

Don't Blink Poster Art 2014Ten people arrive at a secluded mountain resort to find it completely deserted. With no gas for the return trip, the visitors are forced to stay and investigate the mystery surrounding the abandoned lodge.

Well, this one was almost fun.  I was really enjoying right up until I realized how it going to end.  I am not sure what it was or how I knew.  I of course don’t want to give away the ending.  The best I can do for you is say that I didn’t like this for the same reason I didn’t like Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Never mind, I have to spoil it a little.  So if you read further, do so at you’re own risk.

Here’s the deal.  The movie is a mystery of sorts.  A group of friends arrive at a vacation resort in the mountains and low on fuel.  Upon arrival the soon learn they are all alone up there.  No people can be found.  Food on the table as if people were right in the middle of the their meals when everyone suddenly vanished.  I am loving the movie at this point.  I can’t wait to learn or figure out what’s going on.  Sadly, it never happens.

I am sorry to Alfred Hitchcock fans for shitting on the ending to the birds and to the makers of this movie but it’s just weak writing and nothing else.  You don’t suggest a mystery and then not solve it by the end of the film.  It’s not deep, it doesn’t make you ponder anything, it’s just pathetic.  You have one job as a writer, write a story with a beginning, middle and end.  I don’t care what order you tell them in.  Just make sure that they are there.  If you can’t even accomplish that, you have failed.

As far as the acting goes, I thought everyone did a wonderful job.  I thought the directing was pretty good as well.  This movie had so much talent it makes it even more tragic that this movie had such a shitty ending.  Obviously there were people who cared about making this movie.  But, somewhere along the way they just decided to ignore how frustrating bad the ending is.  Just hoping people will like the movie so much that they will just ignore the shit ending.  Something people like need to realize is that it’s actually the reverse that is true.  You can take a shitty movie, give it a killer ending and people will recommend it to others.  Fuck the audience at the end unless you’re Alfred Hitchcock come back from the dead the movie is going to suck.

I was really enjoying the movie until I started to see that we never going to be told what in the fuck is going on.  We are left to guess that perhaps it’s some kinda something the government is aware of but that’s it.  Did the cause the phenomenon or are they just tracking it?  We certainly do know.  Now some will say, the ending is left up to your imagination.  I say, are you fucking kidding me?  I’m not paying to see your movie so I can just imagine it!  If I wanted to imagine it, I could have just stayed at home and imagined the whole damn movie and saved myself a trip to the fucking theater and a whole lot of cash.

Cast of Characters:
Mena Suvari … Tracy
Brian Austin Green … Jack
Zack Ward … Alex
Joanne Kelly … Claire
Robert Picardo … Man in Black
Fiona Gubelmann … Ella
David de Lautour … Noah
Leif Gantvoort … Sam
Emelie O’Hara … Amelia
Boots Southerland … Sherrif
Curtiss Frisle … Lucas
Samantha Jacober … Charlotte (as Samantha Jacobs)
Nathan Lorbietzki … Man in Black #2

Don't Blink 2014 Joanne Kelly

The beautiful and talented Joanne Kelly as Claire is having a bad day