6 Horror and Sci-fi Shows I lost Interest In

6 Horror and Sci-fi Shows I lost Interest In

6 Horror and Sci-fi Shows I lost Interest In

There are actually more than 6 horror and sci-fi shows I lost interest in but these are the top that have been on my mind lately. Though I’d like to make it clear that any show featuring aliens or monsters in it I consider them to be part of the horror genre.

There have been so many times I have started to write a post like this. Sometimes it’s because I saw someone’s post on social media mentioning a show I had lost interest in and it made me want to tell the world why I don’t watch it anymore. Other times it’s because a show got cancelled and I wanted to rant about what I believe really killed the show.

What I came to realize is that it’s mostly the same thing time and time again that causes me to lose interest in a show. Below are the 6 shows that stand out the most to me at the moment. As you will see, for the most part each show made the same mistake.

6. Lost
I didn’t start watching Lost until the first season came out on DVD but I was hooked on it! The first few episodes were riveting, fascinating and a pure joy to watch. Then around the middle of season 3 it started to lose its way and by the final season, it was just so wrapped up in its own bullshit that it was completely laughable. I still watched it to the bitter end but it became grueling.

Lost seemed to start out as a story about a people tapped on a mysterious island. There was something fucking huge and scary in the forest and there were Polar bears too. This made the show magical, scary and a lot of fun. Then the Dharma Initiative came along and ruined it. I didn’t think Dharma had ruined it at first. But, it did. Instead of them being some strange organization with answers to the islands mysterious nature it was just a tool take us further away from islands mystery. Then there were the Others. Another dive down the rabbit’s hole of nonsense.

So much potential to create something amazing and fascinating and instead it got turned into fucking weird show about conspiracies and corporations and two immortal guys in the last season that seemed to control everything and then it all ended with a big, “WTF was that about?!” A good show that lost its way because it got too wrapped up in its own mythology.

5. Supernatural
I know, I know, how can anyone not like this? Well, it’s easy. I gave this show about 4 and a half seasons and I just couldn’t take it anymore. It started off so strong. Good scary stories that were interesting. However, it very quickly became silly and lacked any kind of sophistication in its storytelling. It committed the ultimate sin in my eyes. Supernatural became more about the backstories and the characters than about the content. Once that happens it turns into a soap opera and I don’t like soap operas.

In the beginning it told really fun and haunting stories. I don’t mind the occasional backstory but that’s all the show became about. It got lost in its own mythology and never seemed to come out of it. Instead of the leads investigating and solving supernatural shit each week it turned into a never ending story about the brothers and the ghosts and demons took a backseat to the storytelling.

Instead of a show about two brothers fighting evil each week it became about long drawn out stories about their dad. About being stuck in Hell. It lost its focus of telling really good ghost stories and instead became a show about two brothers and everything else took a backseat.

Supernatural became a show that was no different than any teen drama. What I mean by that is you could plug the two brothers into any other teen drama and they would fit. It just as easily could about two brothers struggling survive in a world of competitive weight lifting or mixed martial arts. If you replace the ghosts and demons with Baseball or football and it’s pretty much the same show. That’s the problem. And, because of that, I stopped watching it.

4. The X-Files
I own every season of the X-Files on DVD. I have seen every episode and many of them I have seen twice. I love the idea behind the show. But, again, this is another show that lost its focus. It was a great show about investigating some really fun and creepy shit. Aliens, monsters, ghosts all kinds of fascinating stories. I liked the character’s back stories. I didn’t mind the occasional dive into them. Those stories can make for a good arc. But, when they never get resolved and go on season after season with bullshit conspiracies that never lead anywhere, I grow tired of it.

The X-Files all too soon became about Fox Mulder’s search or his sister and government conspiracy crap. It ruined the show. The only reason I kept watching was because at least every once and a while they would offer up a great standalone episode about some weird shit and Fox Mulder and Dana Scully would go all Scooby Do and solve the mystery or not solve it and leave some doubt. Either way those few and far in-between episodes were always fun and always interesting.

When they recently came out with another season, I was thrilled! Couldn’t wait! I barely made it through the first episode. It wasn’t interesting. It started out in full on Alien government conspiracy bullshit. I have all those epodes saved and I plan on watching them but I am in no hurry. The first episode gave me no reason for me to look forward to the next episode.

3. Stargate SG-1
I loved this show so much. I don’t have it all on DVD but my kids do and I have borrowed it many times. That being said, it too turned into a soap opera. It’s a whole show about having this amazing Stargate that can take them to the most amazing places and yet they spend way too much over season dealing with the fucking Goa’uld. They were the most boring, insignificant characters ever and season after season was about having to fight off these moronic, immature and pathetic fake gods. Drove fucking nuts.

It eventually got the point where I considered just skipping episodes that dealt with the Goa’uld but I didn’t, just on the rare chance I might need to know about this turd of an episode in a future episode. Such an opportunity for them to explore the galaxy but instead they kept writing stories about the fucking idiotic Goa’uld. Those episodes were so boring and they really kept that show from becoming the next Star Trek. Sure SG-1 was successful but it won’t have the longevity that Star Trek did. We won’t be talking about it 40 years from now.

2. True Blood
I have read several of the books and love them! I really enjoyed the first season of the show. In fact, I managed to stay with the show up until about halfway through season 4. It just seemed to be getting so ridiculous. It’s been so long since I watched it, I can’t honestly list the exact reason I stopped watching it. All I can really say is that it just seemed to stop capturing the heart and soul of the books.

When a show or movie is based on a book, I expect there to be some changes. You just can’t put everything that’s in a book onto the screen. I loved the first season of True Blood and it deviated in many ways from the book. For example, as I recall, Lafayette dies at the end of the first book. He didn’t die at the end of season 1. I am okay with that. TV shows need to do their own thing to keep it as fresh as possible. I get that. As long as the can capture the spirit of the show, I am happy. It just seemed to me that True Blood had lost its way.

I plan to finish watching the remaining seasons of True Blood someday. But, there’s a whole lot of other shows I will go through first.

1. The Walking Dead
I never read the comics. I was never big into comics. They always bored me. What sold me on The Walking Dead originally was that Frank Darabont was involved. With the exception of The Mist, I’ve loved everything he’s done.

I was okay with the series at first. I tolerated their ridiculous cliffhangers because I always wait for the first episode of the following season to come out before I dive into the previous season. I even stayed with the show when Frank Darabont departed the show. I was hooked.

But, over the last few seasons, it seems to me that the show has become more about dicking with the viewer’s emotions instead of telling good stories. I fucking hate cliffhangers but as mentioned I can tolerate them as long as the story promised is completed. Season 6 of The Walking Dead didn’t complete the story. They promised a conclusion that never came and then left us all to wonder in fucking disgust as to whom just met their tragic end.

The writers tried to defend their bullshit manipulation by saying it was never about who Negan killed with his bat. I believe it was Scott M. Gimple who tried to say the ending was about coming full circle with Rick’s storyline. That was such a fucking hot, steaming pile of bullshit. They advertised and teased us all season long with the reveal of Negan and who dies at the end of his bat and left us fucking hanging.

To make us suffer through that 80 minutes of slow building doom and then fade to fucking black leaving us with no answer? It was nothing more than hearty “Fuck You!” to the fans. I can appreciate a good cliffhanger. I hate them, but I can appreciate it when it’s done well. This wasn’t done well. This came off like they had no idea who to kill off so they decided to take a few months off and think about it. I call bullshit.

Sadly, I will probably still turn back into the show next season though I know I shouldn’t. But, I’ve invested years into these characters now and the best I can hope for is that the writers do something to make up for that steaming fucking turd they laid for us with that season 6 finale.

Sure dragging storylines out can keep a showing on the air for a longer time. But, in most cases it doesn’t. People grow tired of that shit and it kills the shows. If you’re going to turn your show into a soap opera, then kindly wrap it the fuck up at the end of the season so you can then start a new next season. Heroes did that at the end of the first season. They started a storyline and they finished it at the end of the season. Then the left us with a tease into the second season. Very well done. Of course the show kind of went to shit after that but they nailed that first season. That’s how you do it.

Stranger Things 2016 Quick Review

Stranger Things 2016 Quick Review

Stranger Things 2016 Quick Review

Stranger Things Poster | Bad Horror Moves

Stranger Things is a Netflix original series centering around a middle school boy who goes missing on his way home after seeing something monstrous and sinister up head of on the road. There’s young mysterious girl on the run and a government agency conducting some very dark experiments. This is all takes place in a small town in Indiana back in 1983.

I only heard about Netflix’s Stranger Things a few weeks ago. It was released on July 15th according to the poster and the first season contains 8 episodes. From the moment I heard about this I was interested in it. However, I put off seeing it because I just don’t like soap opera’s and any TV show that doesn’t end it’s story in one or two episodes is a soap opera. If I am going to watch a soap opera, it really has to interest me. Further more, if I am actually going to like a soap opera, it better wrap itself up by season’s end. Thankfully, Stranger Things, did all of that. There were a few things it did that I didn’t like but nothing to the point of frustration. Just minor things I will discus later.

As the story goes, it’s in many very similar to the book I’ve written. Small town, strange things happening, a cop trying to figure out what’s going on, a group of friends, a mysterious lab. A mysterious girl. Thankfully, aside from that, the stories are completely different. And, thankfully, should I ever be able to afford an editor for my book and it gets made into an series, my book is registered so I can prove that I didn’t copy anything from Stranger Things.

Now that I have got that out of the way. Almost everything about season 1 of Stranger Things is great. The acting is phenomenal. The special effects, are great most of the time. A couple of CGI monster issues once or twice but the rest of it was simply spectacular looking. The writing was really good. There were a few times some characters did some really stupid things but I never found what they did to be so significantly stupid that it made want to root against them. And, if you’re on of my 2.5 readers you know once a character does something so stupid, I start rooting for the bad guy. Thankfully, there’s none of that in Stranger Things.

Talking about the acting, the stand out role to me is that of the character Eleven played so perfectly by Milli Brown. I couldn’t take my eyes off this kid. I don’t think she says more than 20 words in the entire first season and yet, her facial expression are so enthralling, so hypnotic. She can go from scared and helpless to “I’m about to fuck you up.” in a heartbeat. I mean I’m a grown a ass man I do not ever want to be on the receiving end of one of her glares. Damn! She reminded so much of a young Natalie Portman in The Professional. She has that same type of innocence and intensity. There’s no way she’s not going to be every bit as successful as Portman. Milli Brown is amazing.

Also it was good to see Winona Ryder again. I have loved her since Heather’s. I thought she was also excellent in this. She played being, timid and strong with such believability. There comes a time when no believes her character. I wanted to be mad. I hate it when one of our hero’s is telling the truth and no one believes them. But, under the circumstances, how could anyone. She was saying some crazy things, she was acting crazy. So well played. I could see the people around her wanting to believe her but at the same time, just knowing she’s a grieving mom and needs help. The denial of others never became so frustrating that it takes you out of the story. And, I think that has a lot to do with Winona’s acting skills. I felt for her character every second she was on the screen.

Stranger Things Kids | Bad Horror Movies

Also the group of middle school kids, they were amazing. I knew kids like that. I was probably like that. Never was a D&D player but mad props for their taste in movie posters and choices in horror movies. Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo as the the missing boy’s best friends were so good. They had a good vibe together and reminiscent of great movies like Goonies or Explorers but with a Stephen King kinda feel to it.

Then there was the feel of the 80’s. They managed to make it actually feel like the 80’s without going over the top in pop culture references and clothing. They kept it all confined into 1983 or prior for the most part and as someone that grew up in the 1980’s I would have noticed any huge inaccurate. The only thing that really stood out as an error was the choice of music they used to end episode two. Hazy Shade of Winter by the Bengals wasn’t released until 1985. But, in the series defense, the music was playing over the end credits, it wasn’t part of the story. Still it was enough to make me think, “Wait, that song wasn’t even out yet.”

Also, the score to Stranger Things. Brilliant! Once again Stranger Things managed to capture the feel and the sound of the 80’s. That low synth sound took me right into every early 80’s movie and TV show when it blended with the screen title, Stranger Things, and it’s design of glowing read boldface. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that I was watching an early 80’s suspense or horror thriller like The Thing or Cujo or Christine.

I guess the only things I didn’t like about it was that at times I felt like it ran a little slow. But, it was never not interesting. I planned on watching the first episode yesterday just to see if I liked it. Four episodes later I turned it off to get some sleep. I tossed and turned. Then started watching the next episode on my tablet while in bed. After about 13 minutes into the fifth episode I said, “Screw it!” and got up and spent the rest of the night watching the final four episodes.

Then there was the older teen’s story-lines. Natalia Dyer played Nancy Wheeler, the older sister of Mike Wheeler, one of the missing kids best friends. Charlie Heaton played Jonathan Byers, the older brother of the missing kid gone missing, Will Byers. It would have been far more enjoyable seeing what these two would have done if they only could have come together sooner. More adventures, more monster hunting. Instead too much time is wasted on the love the triangle. Natalia’s badassery was simply wasted on the triangle story-line.

Stranger Things Teens | bad Horror Movies

The love triangle was just more of a distraction then an interesting part of the story. I will say that the “triangle” had a nice twist to it concerning the stereo-typical douchebag boyfriend but all that took away from the adventures that Natalia Dyer’s character could have had with Charlie Heaton’s character. This is a real shame because it slowed the pace down. I’m not saying the triangle didn’t need to be there. I’m just saying too much time was devoted to it.

If you were around in the 80’s I think the only thing that will disappoint you is that Stranger Things almost felt at times there wasn’t enough 80’s stuff in it. But, that’s also what made it so great. It wasn’t over done. It wasn’t filled with a ton of references that only 80’s kids would get. But, I did love the shout out Dan O’Bannon for example, just a small character named after real writer and sometimes director of such greats as Alien (writer) and The Return of the Living Dead (director). I am sure there were more shout outs that I didn’t catch because I was so into the story.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this. It’s fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, but at the same time it’s no joke. There are some top notch performances here. A more than descent story, good music, creepy monster and some really beautifully shot scenes. It’s well worth your time.









The Ratings System and Parents

The Ratings System and Parents

The Ratings System and Parents

MPAA | Bad Horror MoviesBeing a parent of two grown children I’ve learned a lot about the importance of the ratings system. I didn’t get to have a lot of time with my kids during their younger years but I a lot of the times we did get to spend together, we spent watching movies. When my son was maybe 11 or 12 I learned a valuable lesson about the meaning behind the ratings. Turns out, it’s really simply and most of us take it for all for granted.

One of the weekends I had my son we sat down on the couch to watch some movies. It was night time, maybe 9 or 10 and next up was Independence Day. It’s rated PG-13. I had seen it in the theaters and on DVD plenty of times. I knew my son was going to love it. He was 11 or 12 at the time. However, at one point while watching we ran into some problems but before I dive into that, I need to bore you with some backstory.

Growing up my parents never really cared too much about what I saw. There were pretty laid back for the most part. I had always loved horror movies. Well, one night way back in the mid to late ’70’s The Exorcist was on TV. I sat down to watch it. My dad in his chair my mother and I were on the couch. My grandfather lived with us. I had been torn because Battle of the Network Stars was on another network that night and I loved those specials whenever they aired. If you never got a chance to see those, you missed out!

Anyways, my grandfather was in his room watching Battle of the Network Stars and I was on the couch waiting for The Exorcist to start. I must have been about 7 or 8. I was doing good. The movie was creepy but I was doing fine. Then she spun her head around and I made the first adult decision of my life. I stood up and said to my parents, “I’m going to go watch Battle of the Network Stars with grandpa.”

The Exorcist Head Spin

Afraid of the Dark

Later that night I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know exactly what it was but I kept having weird visions that really had nothing to do with the movie at all. Every time I closed my eyes I’d see severed body parts and it would freak me out. My eyes would shoot open and I’d look around in a panic. Then every scary movie I ever saw was suddenly coming back to haunt me every time my eyes closed. It was too much, I called out to my parents.

My parents ran in and calmed me down. Seeing as that was almost 40 years ago some of the details have become a little foggy. I think I had a black & white TV in my room at the time and I kept turning it on so I had some light in the room. It was off when my parents first came into the room. They hadn’t said much when they came in. Just that it was okay, it was all in my head. You know, the usual stuff parents say when they just want you to shut up and go to bed so they can get back to sleep.

After they left the room and I heard their door close I jumped out of bed and turned on my TV. It wasn’t long after doing that my parents heard the TV and they came in and turned it off telling me it was time for bed. “No TV.” We went through this a few times before they finally lost it threatened me with something that was enough to keep me from turning the TV on again. With the TV off my room was dark and the moment I’d close my eyes the visions of waking nightmares would fill me head. I was up most of the night tucked tight in my sheets and afraid to move. I was awake when my mom came in to wake me up for school the next morning. It was probably the only time I had been happy to get up for school.

The next night I went through the same thing. I couldn’t help it. I don’t know what tripped in my mind but I couldn’t make these dark and scary thoughts go away. Thankfully on the 3rd night I was able to get to sleep but the damage had been done. My parents had a talk with me after the second night and told me that I wasn’t allowed to watch any more horror movies. I was devastated and one pissed off 4th grader. It would be about 3 or 4 years until I was able to watch a scary movie again. Went from nothing for four years to an all-night horror fest seeing Friday the 13th, Halloween, Rabid, The Last House on the Left and more. No more nightmares but I was sold on horror movies from that day forward.

Time to be a Grown Up

Cut to a few decades later and I am watching Independence Day with my kid. My ex-wife is a wonderful person but she was pretty strict about what the kids watched. Me on the other hand, I had run out of fucks to give when it came to whatever rules my ex-wife had about their viewing habits. So, me and my son were going to watch all kinds of stuff she would never my son or daughter watch.

Then there came the point in Independence Day where Dr. Brakish Okun played by Brent Spiner was about to be controlled by the aliens. It’s actually a pretty intense scene. A group of people stand outside of a room they are viewing through glass that is filled so thick with smoke they can’t see a thing. My son knows something is going to happen and he does not want to see what happens next. I tell him it’s okay, it’s just a movie. I reassure him that I’m right here and nothing is going to happen to him. Then Dr. Brakish Okun is slammed suddenly against the glass. He jumps and again tells me he doesn’t want to watch this anymore.

Independence Day

The Ratings System

I pause the video and I am suddenly reminded of that time long ago when I walked away from watching The Exorcist. I start to wonder, “Should I stop the movie?” I had only a few seconds to come up with some serious dad shit to make him feel better. Then it all dawned on me. The ratings system, this movie is rated PG-13. What does PG stand for? Parental Guidance. That’s what he needed right now so I was gonna work this shit out with him!

Looking over at him I said, “Ok, here’s what I think Nickman.” His name’s Nick, I call him Nickman, don’t know why, I just do. he’s like 25 now, I still call him that. I continued. “I know this is pretty intense for you. But, I think if you quit watching right now, the things you think are gonna happen in the movie are going to be way worse than the things that actually happen. So here’s what I’m thinking. Let’s jump into the special features. We can check out some of the behind the scenes stuff and see how they actually made all of this stuff. I think after watching some of the behind the scenes stuff it will make watching the rest of the movie a little easier for you.”

I promised him that he would love the movie if he gave it a chance. He reluctantly agreed. We watched those special features and he laughed at some of it and found the rest fascinating. We went back to the movie. He was still a little freaked out when we jumped back into Dr. Brakish Okun’s alien control scene but he made it through. To this day it’s one of his favorite movies. There were a few more times we started to have some issues with movies but I talked him through each time.

One of those times was Godzilla with Matthew Broderick. He was enjoying it up until the end when they have to kill Godzilla. He was in tears. I explained to him why they had to kill him. That he was right to feel sad, that it was tragedy. Godzilla was just doing his thing. But, they had to kill him to save lives because we just didn’t have the technology to capture a creature like Godzilla and no way and nowhere to keep him safe. This made sense to him, he said he understood. I started the movie back up, there was just a few minutes left. And, as soon as the credits started to roll he said with excitement, “Can we watch it again!”

TV shows and movies all have ratings and I think most parents think of what they stand for incorrectly. The guidelines are for the adults and not for the kids. It’s up to the parents to take the time to explain stuff to their kids. I love my parents but they never took a minute to do that with me. I don’t think it ever crossed their minds. I know plenty of parents today that are just like my parents.

A good example of that something that happened several years ago with South Park. A parent I know was letting his 10 year watch South Park all the time. I was kind of giving him shit about it. I explained that it’s rated M for mature. That it’s also on cable and sometimes it airs unedited. Didn’t phase him at all! So I went at it a different route. I said, “So basically what you’re telling me is that have no problem with your 10 year old talking about golden showers and anal sex?” That got his attention. He didn’t want his kid talking about that. I said, “Well, last season they had an episode that was all about porn and there was a scene at the end of that let rip a list of sexual acts that made me blush and I work in porn!”

He was blown away. Couldn’t believe a cartoon would have that kind stuff in it. He had no idea the show could cover such adult themes. It kind of made me mad. I mean WTF do they have to do, shit is rated “Mature” for fuck sakes! I totally would let my son watch some episodes of South Park but I had always seen them first. I would pick and choose the episodes he could watch. Some of that shit, I still don’t think he’s old enough to watch. I love South Park but it ain’t for kids.

Anyways, I love horror movies and though my son isn’t into them as much as I am, my daughter loves them. Movies can be a great way to spend time with your kids. TV and Movies became a babysitter to me. It shouldn’t be like that for kids. They can handle a lot of mature content but you’re taking a big chance if you’re not there to walk them through it. Some kids will do fine, some wont. The sad part is that if they can’t handle it you might know until it’s way too late. Like, if the family pet has gone missing, be afraid, be very afraid because sooner or later your neighbors are going to be on the news talking about how your kid always seemed nice but was quite and kept to himself while the coroner is putting pieces of you into a little baggies.

The Zombie Fallout Music Video Teaser Is Here

The Zombie Fallout Music Video Teaser Is Here

The Zombie Fallout Music Video Teaser Is Here…

If you unaware of Zombie Fallout, it’s a series of books written by Mark Tufo. It’s about an ex-marine germaphobe with OCD and his family who all get caught in the zombie apocalypse. The story is fresh, gory, sincere and so damn funny at times. I have listened to them all on audio. Well, I am few books behind but it’s truly not by choice. So to say I am fan is understatement and when I heard they were turning these books into a series I was over the moon. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about an upcoming show or movie.

Then a month or two ago I hear from one of my most favorite people in the world. She tells me that she is going to be a zombie extra on a video shoot for Mark Tufo’s Zombie Fallout teaser video. In fact, I had a chance to go but just couldn’t make it. I recently had to leave Southern California for Arizona of all places. I just couldn’t make the drive and spend an entire weekend in the L.A. area. Thankfully, Stephanie could make it. She must have messaged me a dozen times. I was so thrilled for her, and more than a bit jealous. But, to be honest I don’t know who I was more jealous of, Steph for getting to be a zombie and meeting Mark Tufo or of Mark Tufo because he got to spend an entire day with Steph. Either way it sucked to be me that day but I was honestly thrilled for Steph.

Zombie Fallout with Stephanie Nielson Reed | Bad Horror Movies

Anyways, here’s what you need to know before watching the video.  The video starts off with narration taken right from the book as done by the very talented voice actor Sean Runnette. Seriously, his narration is in these books is so dead on perfect that it just sucks you right into the story. The video isn’t from the upcoming TV series, it was done for the fans. So, the main character in the video is Mark Tufo himself. The music video tells a story that, sort of mirrors the book.  Then it ends with some information about the video itself. If you’re a fan of the books this video is gonna be like a dream come true for you. If you aren’t familiar with the books, now is the time to read them or better yet, listen to them!

To give you an example of how good they are. My friend Steph didn’t know anything about Mark Tufo or the Zombie Fallout series until I had mentioned to her how much I enjoyed the first couple of books. She took it upon herself to read the first book. She was hooked. With in a month or two she had surpassed me in the series.

Also, it appears that you can download the first book on the official Zombie Fallout website here. You can also see some great behind the scenes videos. I don’t know much about the series or when it airs. Just doing a quick search around the net I couldn’t find any details.  But, as soon as I know, all 2.5 of my devoted readers will know. Now, enjoy the teaser video…

Read these books, you can thank me later!

Some pics Stephanie sent me…

Eliza from Zombie Fallout |Bad Horror Movies

Eliza from Zombie Fallout |Bad Horror Movies


Mark Tufo and Stephanie on the Zombie Fallout set | Bad Horror Movies

Mark Tufo and Stephanie on the Zombie Fallout set | Bad Horror Movies



My Problems with The Walking Dead Last Night

My Problems with The Walking Dead Last Night

My Problems with The Walking Dead Last Night…

Last night’s episode, The Next World drove me crazy. I would go as far as to say that many aspects of it not just frustrated me but actually pissed me off a little.  So many problems with The Walking Dead last night. Still after I have had most of this morning to let it sit, I find that I am still frustrated.  However my frustration is not only with the episode but with the fans for gleefully ignoring all of it’s faults just because it ended with the “Richonne” climax we all wanted.

Here are the problems I had with the episode.  First, Rick and Daryl were so out of character last night. They were acting like it was their first day in Walkerville.  Of all the characters these are the last two that would ever be as shamefully complacent as we saw them be last night.  There is no way, Jesus ran through the forest, around the building managing to get so close that he slams into Rick. Then for the two of them to run after the guy after he stole the van? Really, no one else thought that was completely ridiculous?! Daryl was nearly killed in the last episode for by a group of crazies led by the soon to be revealed Negan. Now he and Rick are just gonna chase down a vehicle on foot?  It was ridiculous on principle alone. It was also completely foolish and unbelievable that the two of them, who know very well, that the whole thing could be a trap just go happily running after a moving can.

Daryl and Rick's complacency - The Walking Dead

Their follies weren’t like Butch & Sundance at all. They were more like Laurel and Hardy. Almost every single decision they made was stupid, careless and completely dangerous. I couldn’t enjoy a moment of it because I’ve seen the show! I know that bad shit happens when characters get careless. Something these two forgot. Having Daryl not want Jesus to go back with them doesn’t make up for their previous stupidity. Daryl jumped out of the van to chase Jesus down, AFTER Jesus was thrown from the roof of it. He was off the van! All they had to do was just drive away! But, their idiocy almost got them killed and to top it all off they lost literally a ton or more of supplies.

Second, issue has to do with Carl. I can totally except his pouting, sullen attitude after loosing an eye, not to mention all the other tragic shit the kid has had to deal with. But, what I could not except was him allowing Enid to walk all the way back to Alexandria alone. It doesn’t matter that she is capable of making it back on her own. I just don’t think he would ever let her do that.  It’s stupid enough that the two of them are out there in the first place. But, I get it, teen angst and all that.  I get his shitty attitude when Enid wanted to leave.  But, when he tells her to go by herself. No way would Carl do that. I kept expecting the the show to end with a walker Enid. Again, it was just a total sense of complacency by a character that just would never become that complacent.

Enid deals with Carl's idiocy - The Walking Dead

Then there’s Michonne’s actions.  She’s on guard duty and sees someone walk into the forest. I guess she knew who it was at the time? But, it doesn’t matter! She walked away from her post! Does no one give a shit? The Michonne I know wouldn’t walk away from her post unless it was an emergency of clear and present danger.  Why’d Michonne leave? Because she was curious? That’s pretty much what it came down to.  She couldn’t have called over someone to watch cover her post for a minute? Didn’t let anyone know WTF she was doing or where she went. Just left the whole of Alexandria vulnerable.

Michonne leaves her post - The Walking Dead

Yes, I loved that the “Richonne” actually happened. I may have even cheered like a tween at a 1D concert but it doesn’t make up for an episode filled with the most outrageous and unbelievable character flaws I have ever seen on the show.  There was nothing enjoyable about this episode accept for the near orgasmic ending but of course even that was ruined by the magical appearance of Jesus in the bedroom. To me it was almost as if the writers got to the end of the story and thought, “We need to do something to make up for all the character idiocy in this episode.” Another writer must have chimed in with, “I know! Let’s end it with Rick and Michonne bumping uglies! Everyone will totally forget about the previous 40 minutes of total bullshit.” Well, I didn’t forget and I’m calling bullshit on it.

The previous episode, No Way Out was probably the most epic episode of the entire series! I was literally out of breath by the end of it. I get the idea of having a slower episode that isn’t as dark to follow it.  However, there is no excuse for the massive turd that aired last night. I expect more from the writers and I expect more from the fans of the show. I haven’t seen anyone mention the bullshit that happened. Everyone just seems to be caught up in the afterglow of the last 5 minutes of the episode and that, is really sad.

I Feel Like The Walking Dead Cheated Me A Little

I Feel Like The Walking Dead Cheated Me A Little

I Feel Like The Walking Dead Cheated Me A Little…

So I kinda feel like the The Walking Dead cheated me a little.  I am thrilled Glenn isn’t Dead.  But, at the same time I feel a little cheated.  We all saw Glenn fall from the top of that garbage bin.  His feet would have landed near the base of said garbage bin. Yet somehow through the miracle of TV he lands with his head just to the side of the garbage bin.  I wasn’t buying it.  Not at all, when we last saw Glenn back in episode three he didn’t fall with his head anywhere near that garbage bin.

This morning I went back and took a look.  Well, I am right and wrong.  The screen capture below is taken from episode 3 (Thank You).  It shows the fall.  He does in fact fall in a way that his feet would have landed in the spot where they claimed, in last night’s episode, his head should have landed. There’s no denying his feet should have landed about where they claim his head landed.

Glenn falls into the zombie horde.

This of course makes me feel like the Walking Dead cheated me a little because now in episode 7 (Heads Up) I am supposed to believe that when Glenn fell into the zombie horde his body magically turned nearly 180 degrees before hitting the ground. I continued watching Episode 3. I wanted proof that when Glenn landed, his feet were at the base of the garbage bin. Well, they weren’t.  Below is a screen capture, again from episode 3, and we can clearly see that the garbage bin is in fact near his head.

Glenn and the Grabage Bin

It does bother me a little that they completely ignored the physics of the fall but, I am willing to except it for three reasons.  First, Glenn isn’t dead and that’s really all that matters. Seriously, they could have had Jake from State Farm appear and magically pull Glenn to safety and I would have been fine with it. Second and more importantly, way back in episode 3 they clearly show that Glenn’s head somehow ended up by the garbage bin. Don’t know how I never noticed it.  I just figured that was something else because his head couldn’t have possibly landed next to the bin.  But, knowing how the scene all ends, that was in fact the garbage bin, it’s logical to assume that he crawled under it to survive. Though I am totally going to ignore the other fact that there is no way any full grown adult could ever fit under there. Last but not least, reason three.  The Walking Dead is a show about the dead rising and walking the earth.  If my only problem is that a character magically changed directions in mid air and not the fact the dead have risen, then I’m the problem, not the show.

In conclusion, yes, I do feel like The Walking Dead cheated me a little but at the end of the day, I am just glad that Glenn is back though I have a sneaking suspicion that his days are numbered or worse yet, Maggie’s days are numbered.  Hell, even worse yet, the mid-season finale is next week!  This is why I normally just wait until the entire season is over before I start watching it.  I hate this waiting crap! There is no fun in the waiting.