My Problems with The Walking Dead Last Night…

Last night’s episode, The Next World drove me crazy. I would go as far as to say that many aspects of it not just frustrated me but actually pissed me off a little.  So many problems with The Walking Dead last night. Still after I have had most of this morning to let it sit, I find that I am still frustrated.  However my frustration is not only with the episode but with the fans for gleefully ignoring all of it’s faults just because it ended with the “Richonne” climax we all wanted.

Here are the problems I had with the episode.  First, Rick and Daryl were so out of character last night. They were acting like it was their first day in Walkerville.  Of all the characters these are the last two that would ever be as shamefully complacent as we saw them be last night.  There is no way, Jesus ran through the forest, around the building managing to get so close that he slams into Rick. Then for the two of them to run after the guy after he stole the van? Really, no one else thought that was completely ridiculous?! Daryl was nearly killed in the last episode for by a group of crazies led by the soon to be revealed Negan. Now he and Rick are just gonna chase down a vehicle on foot?  It was ridiculous on principle alone. It was also completely foolish and unbelievable that the two of them, who know very well, that the whole thing could be a trap just go happily running after a moving can.

Daryl and Rick's complacency - The Walking Dead

Their follies weren’t like Butch & Sundance at all. They were more like Laurel and Hardy. Almost every single decision they made was stupid, careless and completely dangerous. I couldn’t enjoy a moment of it because I’ve seen the show! I know that bad shit happens when characters get careless. Something these two forgot. Having Daryl not want Jesus to go back with them doesn’t make up for their previous stupidity. Daryl jumped out of the van to chase Jesus down, AFTER Jesus was thrown from the roof of it. He was off the van! All they had to do was just drive away! But, their idiocy almost got them killed and to top it all off they lost literally a ton or more of supplies.

Second, issue has to do with Carl. I can totally except his pouting, sullen attitude after loosing an eye, not to mention all the other tragic shit the kid has had to deal with. But, what I could not except was him allowing Enid to walk all the way back to Alexandria alone. It doesn’t matter that she is capable of making it back on her own. I just don’t think he would ever let her do that.  It’s stupid enough that the two of them are out there in the first place. But, I get it, teen angst and all that.  I get his shitty attitude when Enid wanted to leave.  But, when he tells her to go by herself. No way would Carl do that. I kept expecting the the show to end with a walker Enid. Again, it was just a total sense of complacency by a character that just would never become that complacent.

Enid deals with Carl's idiocy - The Walking Dead

Then there’s Michonne’s actions.  She’s on guard duty and sees someone walk into the forest. I guess she knew who it was at the time? But, it doesn’t matter! She walked away from her post! Does no one give a shit? The Michonne I know wouldn’t walk away from her post unless it was an emergency of clear and present danger.  Why’d Michonne leave? Because she was curious? That’s pretty much what it came down to.  She couldn’t have called over someone to watch cover her post for a minute? Didn’t let anyone know WTF she was doing or where she went. Just left the whole of Alexandria vulnerable.

Michonne leaves her post - The Walking Dead

Yes, I loved that the “Richonne” actually happened. I may have even cheered like a tween at a 1D concert but it doesn’t make up for an episode filled with the most outrageous and unbelievable character flaws I have ever seen on the show.  There was nothing enjoyable about this episode accept for the near orgasmic ending but of course even that was ruined by the magical appearance of Jesus in the bedroom. To me it was almost as if the writers got to the end of the story and thought, “We need to do something to make up for all the character idiocy in this episode.” Another writer must have chimed in with, “I know! Let’s end it with Rick and Michonne bumping uglies! Everyone will totally forget about the previous 40 minutes of total bullshit.” Well, I didn’t forget and I’m calling bullshit on it.

The previous episode, No Way Out was probably the most epic episode of the entire series! I was literally out of breath by the end of it. I get the idea of having a slower episode that isn’t as dark to follow it.  However, there is no excuse for the massive turd that aired last night. I expect more from the writers and I expect more from the fans of the show. I haven’t seen anyone mention the bullshit that happened. Everyone just seems to be caught up in the afterglow of the last 5 minutes of the episode and that, is really sad.