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by Oct 5, 2016

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The Sighting takes place a year after seven local students are murdered at a lake house. Two recent high school graduates decide to drive up from Michigan to Canada. They take a shortcut and soon discover the terrifying truth behind one of the worlds most popular cyptids.

I want to start by saying The Sighting is one of those movies that I am glad I didn’t give up on. The Sighting opens up and looks like it’s going to be a found footage movie. I am just not a fan of them and really have to be in the mood for one and I am almost never in the mood. Thankfully, it isn’t. Also, one of my pet peeves is when characters do stupid things. There’s more than a few characters doing stupid things in this movie. However, the movie begins to redeem itself towards the end.

One of the things a movie can do to help win me over is to surprise me. The Sighting did that. It actually tells a story. It gives an explanation of one of the oldest North American urban legends. A lot of the dumb things the main character Travis, played by writer directer Adam Pitman does, later begins to make sense or maybe it doesn’t? In any case, it goes from a simply stereotypical creature feature to something a little more interesting and I loved that about The Sighting.

I am not going to blow sunshine up your ass and say this is an amazing movie. It’s not but it’s good if you give it the chance. The Sighting has a very low rating on IMDb and that’s a shame because it’s actually an above average movie. Halfway through it admittedly I wasn’t happy with it but I felt that was almost intentional on the part of the writer. Like Adam Pitman is setting the expectations low so you don’t see the story twist coming. It makes the second half a lot more interesting. When you realize that it’s quite possible that not everything is as it appears to be.

It’s got some nudity. Not much but as a lonely, creepy middle-age man that loves boobs, it put a naughty smile on my smile on my face. I’d like to personally thank Jasmine John for that. Not a lot of gore but what’s there is well done done well for the most part.  I think if you give the movie a change you’ll like it. It’s not a crazy teen movie and it’s not an academy award winner. It’s a solid movie with an original story and that makes better than most horror movies out there.

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