Aftershock 2013…

Eli Roth's Aftershock 2013I suppose if you’re an Eli Roth fan you will probably like this film. For the rest of us. Skip it. As I write this, I am not sure how to explain why this movie sucks without spoiling it for the masochists out there that want to sit through a completely pointless film. Mr. Roth has mad some films that I have enjoyed but over time, he’s just become predictable. Like Rob Zombie, he basically makes the same film over and over again.

Here’s the quick plot synopsis from IMDB.

In Chile, a group of travelers who are in an underground nightclub when a massive earthquake hits quickly learn that reaching the surface is just the beginning of their nightmare.

 It’s brutal as usual.  I don’t have a problem with brutal.  Brutal can be good time in horror movies.  I guess what bothers me about the film besides it’s always same old story with Mr. Roth but it’s the reality of it all.  For me, a good horror movie is about escaping.  Being able to face your fears safely.  The format is simple.  Good Vs. Evil.  Good wins. The end.  It’s not that complicated of a concept to grasp and there’s endless variations of possibilities using that theme.  It’s also okay to step outside the box and let evil win from time to time.  I get it.  But, when you go into a movie and you already know how it’s going to end simply because who wrote it or directed it.  It kinda takes the fun out of it.

That’s what happened to me while watching Eli Roth’s “Aftershock“.  I know what he does.  He takes characters and pretty much makes them barely likable human beings, has them tortured for 90 minutes.  Then there’s the last few minutes of his film when you’re supposed to think, “Whew!  Glad that’s over for them.” And, then something shitty happens again, the end.  Aftershock is no different.  The same old thing.

Hey Look I Made Another Movie That All My Characters Suffer In!

Hey Look I Made Another Movie That All My Characters Suffer In!

He has so much talent but I just wish he’d throw in some surprises from time to time.  How about a beautiful butterfly that flies across the screen happily for a moment and then flies off unharmed.  Fucking something positive for once would be great.  In fact it would probably be the most terrifying part of the film because we’d all be waiting for someone to grab the butterfly, tear off it’s wings and watch it flop on the ground suffering.  Then at the end of the movie when everyone fucking dies again the butterfly flies back into frame and we all hold our breath knowing that it too will meet it’s painful deadly fate.  Then again, the butterfly flutters off happily into the sunset and the film fades to black.  Oh, the suspense of it all.  People would lose their minds.  Something didn’t die and suffer in his movie.  It would be talked about for decades.  Film students would study it and question it’s meaning.  Hell, Mr. Roth would probably get an Academy Award.

Cast Of Characters:
Eli Roth    …     Gringo
Andrea Osvárt    …     Monica
Ariel Levy    …     Ariel
Natasha Yarovenko    …     Irina
Nicolás Martínez    …     Pollo
Lorenza Izzo    …     Kylie