The Walking Dead: Morgan Needs To Die

The Walking Dead: Morgan Needs To Die

The Walking Dead: Morgan Needs To Die…

How’s that for a clickbait title!? After last Sunday’s brilliant Morgan episode I am further convinced that Morgan needs to die.  I love Lennie James portrayal of Morgan but unless he changes his new found pacifist philosophy, he’s a threat to everyone.  In fact he nearly got Rick killed by letting members of the Wolves go. He’s keeping a member of the Wolves prisoner in some sadly noble attempt to change him. I hate to say it but Morgan needs to die.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed Morgan’s episode.  Even though the amount of depth it added to his character was overwhelmingly touching.  I just can’t accept his pacifist philosophy as anything another other then dangerous within the world of the show.  His pacifism makes him not trustworthy at this point.  If he’s in fact hiding that member of the Wolves in the camp from everyone, it proves he can’t be trusted because sooner or later that guy is getting out and when he does, he’s going to kill people. Whatever trust he has with the rest of the group is going to all be lost when this happens.

Morgan and Eastman - The Walking Dead

I also believes there’s a part of Morgan that wants his prisoner to get out and kill people and I will tell you why. Right now, Morgan is trying to do the zen thing as he was taught.  We all can say we’re a pacifist, a killer, a saint, a sinner but until we’re truly tested, these are just empty thoughts, hopes or opinions.  Morgan’s former mentor Eastman didn’t fully realize his pacifism until he kidnapped Crighton Dallas Wilton, the sociopath that killed his wife and daughter, and let him die.

Morgan is in no position to be teaching anyone anything at this point in his road back to insanity.  Some people can’t be reached.  Some people are just bad and always will be. Most importantly, that oldage is true, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” People can change but they have to not just want to.  And, to be completely honest in most cases, people don’t change unless they not only want to but have to.  Morgan’s prisoner is probably isn’t one of those people wants to or needs to.

Somewhere in Morgan’s subconscious he wants his prisoner to kill someone he cares about.  I say this because, if this happens, Morgan’s new all lives matter philosophy will be tested and he needs to know if his convictions are true.  If his prisoner kills someone Morgan cares about then and only then will he truly believe in himself and his new found pacifist ideals.  Until then, his thoughts and words are just that. Deep down, I think he knows that.

Characters need to react, to emote in realistic ways.  Or, at least ways that “seem” realistic to the fictional world they live.  Morgan has gone from sane, to paranoid, to bat shit crazy and is now somewhat sane and struggling with an ideology that brought him out of the darkness.  I think it’s important for all good characters to grow and learn.  Morgan hasn’t truly tested his ideology yet and this has already made him dangerous.

Morgan has found himself struggling with an unrealistic and dangerous ideology.  I say this because he has made the mistake that a lot of ideologists find themselves in.  Things are very rarely ever simply just black and white.  There is an exception to every rule. Ideals are great and something to strive for but sometimes those ideals need to put on hold.  The world doesn’t care about your ideals. Life goes on, nature goes on.  Morgan needs to accept this because life and death are the only reality.  Everything else is just opinion. In the world of The Walking Dead, Morgan’s opinions are more than likely going to get good people killed.  His opinions aren’t worth the lives he’s been risking.

Wolf Prisoner - The Walking Dead

I could speculate about the possible outcomes of Morgan’s actions.  I see several ways this story line ends.  The best outcome is that Morgan dies.  I would like to suggest that maybe he has a change of heart and decides that sometimes you have to kill people.  However, I can’t because he’s probably not going to come to that decision until enough die directly because of pacifist opinions.  And, if that’s the case, how many have to die for his beliefs?

It’s just not safe having someone like Morgan around.  He won’t even carry a gun.  Just imagine Morgan is outside the gate, maybe a recon mission?  One of the team members is confronted by walkers and needs help.  Morgan sees this but is too far away to run over and beat the walkers to death his stick.  Everyone else would been able to use their gun and start shooting the walkers.  Morgan just has a stick and sticks aren’t really effective when you’re trying to save someone whose just out of reach.

Morgan, is sadly the most dangerous character on the show because he is loved and trusted but he’s putting his own beliefs above the welfare of the community. Beliefs are fine on a personal level but they almost always fail on epic and tragic levels when others are forced to suffer for what you believe.

How They Resolve That Last Death On The Walking Dead

How They Resolve That Last Death On The Walking Dead

How They Can Resolve That Last Major Death on The Walking Dead…

Before getting into that, this contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the last episode, “Thank You” of The Walking Dead then you should probably stop reading now. You’ve been warned.

There has been so much speculation on this and I’m pretty sure it’s going to take a week or two before we find out his true fate.  I’ve given it way too much thought as to how they can resolve that last death on The Walking Dead.  Below is what I have come up with.

Okay first, I think it’s it’s really going to piss a lot of us off they go with the “It was all just a dream” bit the movies and TV have done so many times before.  So if that whole scene was just some wild hallucination on the part of Nicholas, I think most of us going to lose a whole lot of respect for the show. That type of writing belongs on soap operas, not the most successful horror series of all time.  It’s just so cheesy I don’t even want think about it.  So what are the other possibilities here? Can Glenn have survived? Scott M. Gimple, one the shows writers and producers said that Glenn’s story will be resolved and that Glenn will be back in one way or another. He couldn’t have been more vague.

Glenn With Blood on His Face - The Walking Dead

I’ve already discussed how I don’t think there’s any way Glenn could have survived in my previous post.  I am however willing to accept that he could have made it out of the zombie horde by covering himself with zombie guts.  But, I have a hard time believing that he could have done so without at least getting bitten.  The more I thought about it, the more that scenario makes perfect literary sense.

Here’s how I think it’s going to go down when they get back to Glenn’s story line.  Imagine Glenn back on the bottom of that pile as Nicholas is being devoured by the horde of zombies.  Glenn comes to his senses.  He reaches out to one of the zombies.  Maybe some zombie guts fall on him?  He begins to cover himself with all that putrefaction.  But, in the processes he’s bitten on the leg or arm but still continues covering himself with the zombie guts.  Hell maybe while applying the guts he even passes out and later wakes to find the horde has moved on and there’s nothing left of Nicholas but blood and bone.  Maybe then he realizes that he’s been bit or remembers that he’s been bit.  Now wounded, Glenn slowly makes his way back to Alexandria to see Maggie and say to goodbye before he turns in the walking dead.

Alexandria The Walking Dead

This brings about some serious drama.  We have the emotional reunion.  The devastating news that Glenn’s been bitten.  Then the most horrible part, the realization that someone is going to have to put Glenn down.  Will it be Maggie herself?  Will this bring about change in her character?  Will we see her become more like Rick and Carol?  Or, will this make her more like Morgan?  If she doesn’t kill Glenn, will it be Carol?  Rick?  How is it going to change the dynamic between Maggie and whoever has to do it? These are things that bring about good drama.

The other way I think it could go down and would be just as effective.  We are left for weeks not knowing the fate of Glenn.  Then when we least expect it…  The whole group runs into zombie Glenn.  Gasp!  Then the realization that someone has to kill him.  The only problem with this story line is that it was done back in season 2 with Sophia.  However, I still think it could be done again with the same chilling, sad and horrific effect.

There’s a lot of options but I think the first option mentioned is pretty much how it’s going down.  Glenn survives but has been bitten.  He get’s to see Maggie again and then makes her promise that someone kills him before he turns. I think this way promises the most emotional content and drama .  But, no matter how it all goes down I am sure of two things.  One, it will be epic and heartbreaking. Two, this story line ends with Glenn’s death.

I am however, hoping that I’m wrong.  I want Glenn to live but those rat bastards killed Beth, there’s just no way those same heartless, rat bastards are going to let him survive.  It’s The Walking Dead, sooner or later, everyone dies…

The Walking Dead: These Theories of Survival Don’t Work

The Walking Dead: These Theories of Survival Don’t Work

The Walking Dead: These Theories of Survival Don’t Work…

If you haven’t seen the most recent episode of The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 titled Thank You) don’t read this post, there will be spoilers. I have read a few accounts of how Glenn Rhee may have survived.  So far all of them fail, I am said to say. So I will look at two of the main theories I’ve read out and briefly explain why these theories of survival don’t work.

As I mentioned in an earlier rant I don’t normally watch The Walking Dead until the season is over and then I binge watch the whole as to avoid the usual cliffhangers.  However, I have learned one important thing about waiting until the end of the season to binge watch.  No matter how hard you try to avoid all the media attention, there will be spoilers you just can’t avoid. So I decided to watch along with everyone else this season. I am already regretting that decision.

Since I am now watching them the same night as the rest of he world, I have to comment on some these hopeful theories as to how Glenn may have survived and why I’m not buying them.  I will say that Glenn is one of my favorite characters on the show.  I want him to have survived but as of yet, I have not come up with or have read a plausible rationale for his survival.  Not saying that he cannot survive, just saying I don’t see how it’s possible as of now.


So let’s look at the first theory.  It’s the “Hide under the dumpster theory.” This one is ridiculous. There’s no way there’s room under the thing.  Not even a small child could fit under one of these. That being said, we don’t get a clear shot of the dumpster’s bottom area.  So, the show could have this be a special “magic” dumpster that has just enough room for Glenn to climb under and curl up into the fetal position while he waits for the hoard to leave.  But, I’m not buying it.  There’s no way he crawled under it without being attacked. So, this theory has to be nothing more than the pure fantasy of desperate fans and nothing else.

Now, the second one and much more plausible, at face value, theory is that Nicholas fell on top of Glenn and it’s Nick’s blood and guts we see spewing everywhere.  I even re-tweeted this theory on my primary Twitter last night.  And, I have to admit, this theory got me through the night.  It wasn’t until this morning that I realized it’s also not very likely.  The theory is that Glenn is covered in blood and guts and can now blend in with the zombies and simply just walk away.


The problem I realized is that in all the times this has ever worked, the person is covered in zombie blood and guts.  Not the recently dead’s blood and guts.  The recently dead’s blood and guts if anything is more of an attraction for the zombies.  The theory of Glenn being covered in Nick’s guts just doesn’t work.  So, unless Glenn was able to rip off parts of zombies and rub them all over himself while on the bottom of the pile, he’s truly is dead and this theory is factually debunked.

What they should have done was overturn the dumpster and then climbed underneath it. It’s at least plausible that the hoard might night not have been able to turn it over.  This would have given them a fighting chance at survival.  Then have Nicholas lose it and try to kill himself.  Instead of getting shot in the head he ends up shooting himself in the neck because Glenn reaches for the gun causing Nicholas to miss his own head.  Glenn eventually realizes that Nicholas will turn. He waits and as soon Nicholas turns, he stabs him in the head.  Now he’s got all the zombie blood and guts he needs to cover himself with and escape by blending in with the heard. Unfortunately, I’m not a writer on the show or it would have played out like that.

I want Glenn Rhee to survive somehow.  I honestly, don’t care if they ignore the rules of the world they created, I really don’t want Glenn to be dead.  All I’m saying is that the two main theories for his survival just don’t hold any water and if he is to somehow survive, I doubt it’s going to due to one of these theories.

Am I missing something? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below.

Some Thoughts on the The Walking Dead

Some Thoughts on the The Walking Dead

Some Thoughts on the The Walking Dead…

Just yesterday I sat down and watched the the final two episodes of last season’s The Walking Dead. I of course followed each episode by watching Talking Dead. I see Talking Dead as good therapy. I then went on to watch this season’s premier of both The Walking Dead and Talking Dead.  It’s been a few days since the new season started and I don’t normally watch it until the season is over.  All of this made me want to share some thoughts on The Walking Dead thus far.

I make it a habit to wait until the season is over and sometimes I wait until the next season has premiered before watching it.  I do this for several reasons.  One reason being that I hate commercials so I like being able to FF through them.  The primary reason though is that I hate cliffhangers, I think they’re an insult to the audience.  If I wait until the season is over, I can binge through them all and only suffer one cliffhanger at the very end of the season.

This has become increasingly difficult to do in a social media driven world.  The past two seasons have been ruined by idiots on social media throwing huge graphics out there with massive spoilers.  (Spoiler Alert).  Last season at the mid-point before the show had even aired on the west coast AMC went and shouted out with a graphic announcing that Beth was dead.  If I could have reached through the TV and slapped the living shit out of the people who thought that was a good idea, I would have.

I really, really enjoyed the last two episodes of The Walking Dead last season.  Well, I enjoyed the whole season really.  My anticipation of this season premier was over the top.  There’s a certain sense of excitement in watching it along with everyone else.  Sure I didn’t watch it live but close enough. The premier was well worth the wait and I look forward to seeing the season unwind with everyone else.

However, there were a few things that bothered me just a little with the season premier and a couple of episodes from last season that I just have to address.  First, it’s just a small problem but the CGI effects are really starting to bother me.  I understand the use of CGI effects to enhance the practical effects.  I’m okay with that. However, some of the effects in the season premier were laughable.  The effects of the zombies falling over the cliff were so cheesy looking.  So cheesy that I actually thought, “This is like the B movie Syfi channel crap.” A lot of the rock quarry was just bad. Special note, I love Syfi’s cheesy crap.  I just don’t want to see it on The Walking Dead.

Rick at the Rock Quarry

There was earlier effect that was ruined by CGI effects from last season.  The noose through the neck, last season, the CGI effect took me out of the scene completely.  It should have stood out as powerful and gross.  Instead, I was disappointed in it.  I don’t care about budgets.  It could have been better and when you start skimping on these things, it’s eventually going to turn into a joke if not corrected.  Obvious clouds of dusts and zombies falling.  Good enough, just isn’t good enough for the The Walking Dead.

I have no doubt that the digital experts on the show could have done an amazing job on these scenes and it either just came down to a lack of time or someone not wanting to spend the money to make sure the effects were done properly to perfection.  I don’t blame the artists at all. Unless it truly was their fault.  But, I seriously doubt it.  The effects have to be every bit as good as the story and the acting.  The effects are figuratively characters in the shows and if they aren’t done to their best, it brings the whole show down.  The Walking Dead makes millions and millions of dollars.  If the reality of the effects don’t match the acting and writing in the long, it will become an issue.

My critique is not to say that the show is now trash or is anywhere close to becoming trash.  It’s just an observation because I’ve seen it happen in other shows.  You let one aspect of quality go and soon it can become the norm and when that happens, the show always dies. I just feel that when I watch the show and think, “Not bad for TV.” it’s a failure on some levels by the producers.

This next critique goes back to last season and Rick’s fight scene with Porchdick. Sure it was a good fight scene but it was poorly thought out.  First of all, Rick had become near animal like.  He has literally fought off man and beast time and time again and come out on top.  The mere thought that this fight would have lasted more than a few seconds is completely absurd.  Let us not forget that Porchdick is a coward. He was also drunk or hungover and in no shape at all to fight someone like RickRick would have beaten his ass in seconds, it would have been fast and brutal.  It was absolutely unrealistic to have Porchdick dick be any king of challenge for Rick at all.

Rick's Fight with Porchdick

It never would have gone down like this.

As I wrote earlier, these are minor issues.  I think the CGI effects is definitely a concern but hopefully will be corrected if enough people bring it to their attention.  As for the fight scene.  I think it was just a case of the writers wanting to create drama from the action instead of just letting the story create the drama.  It’s going to happen I just hope it doesn’t become the norm.  Sure the scene was talked about and popular but not everything talked about and popular are good things.  The Kardashians would be a good example of that.

I look forward to this season, I think it’s off to a great start and overall I am thrilled with most of the character development. The story lines are compelling and certainly entertaining.  I still think it’s one of the very best shows on TV.

What’s Going On With Face Off This Season?

What’s Going On With Face Off This Season?

What’s Going On With Face Off This Season…

Ok, I’m not sure what’s going on with Face Off this season but I am not understanding the judges decisions at all.  I have seen some really good makeups be sent off the stage as “safe” for the week while some of the top looks are simply less impressive than the so called “Safe Looks.” This really has me asking week after week, “What in they hell are my beloved judges thinking?”

I have decided to be as honest as possible with my thoughts here so if by chance anyone from the show ever reads this, my apologies.  Please keep in mind you’re all more talented than I am.  I only dabbled in makeup as a kid and a little in high school.  That was decades ago.  The things I see you all do are so beyond anything I was ever capable of.  I do feel however that I am certainly capable of telling a good makeup from a bad make up.  But, I also understand that at the end of the day, it’s all subjective.

This season, I have not really seen any of the artists that stand out.  In past season, you pretty much knew by late in the season who the stars on the show are.  This season, no one stands out.  I haven’t seen anyone consistently make good make ups.  It’s a toss up each week as to who will be in the top looks and who will end up on the bottom.

That being said, I think a lot of that has to do with the judges decisions.  They are constantly sending looks that should be “Top Look” makeups back to the waiting room as simply “safe” for the week.  I am at a loss for what they are thinking most weeks this season. I don’t have time to go back week by week and point out what I think are errors in judging.  Instead, I will look at just one week in particular when a good makeup was sent home over what was at best, a marginal makeup.


A couple of weeks ago, the winner’s make up was, in my opinion, Not very good.  It was Ben’s “The Human Peacock.” I sat with my jaw dropped as they sung praise after praise over this blah makeup. The bumpy texture looked amateurish. The best thing about it was the feathers and lack of seams in the makeup. Other than that, it was boring and uninspiring.

Ben Human Peacock Faceoff Season 9

Ben Ploughman’s “The Human Peacock”

Seriously, compare Ben’s “The Human Peacock” with Jordan’s “Elephant Lady.”  Jordan’s makeup was considered, just “safe” for the week.  Ben’s makeup was the winner?  Are you kidding me?  I was listening to the things the judges were saying about Ben’s makeup and I kept wondering what in the hell they were talking about.  It’s a bland and uninspired makeup. At best, it was a “safe” makeup. I like the character, I thought it was a good idea.  But, the makeup itself couldn’t have been anymore underwhelming.

Jordan Elephant Lady Faceoff Season 9.

Jordan Patton’s “Elephant Lady”

Now, we get to Meg’s makeup for the week, “Inside Out Oscar.” Now, to some extent I agree with some of judges and their critiques with regard to the anatomy aspect. However, when it comes to the application and look, it blows away Ben’s “Peacock” makeup and I honestly believe anyone that thinks differently is simply delusional. Ve Neil of all people, the person that gave us some of the most inspiring, beautiful characters ever and she thought the the “Peacock” should win that week?  Even’s “Moon Girl” was more interesting and inspiring than Ben’s Peacock makeup and it was a bottom look!

Meg Inside Out Oscar Faceoff Season 9

Meg Wilbur’s “Inside Out Oscar”

Evan Moon Girl Faceoff Season 9.

Evan Hedges “Moon Girl”

Week after week, it seems the judges are making really bad choices.  I just don’t recall another season where I have disagreed with the judges as much.  Normally, even though I disagree with them, I at least can see where they’re coming from and I accept their judgment because they are there in person and up close. This season, at times, when talking about a specific makeup I can’t believe they’re actually praising the same makeup I am looking at.

I have no idea who is going to be the winner this season and as I write this I really wonder if maybe it’s not the artists this season have been so inconsistent with their work but rather it’s the judges that have just made it seem that way.  If I had the time, I’d go back and look at all the makeups for each week and match them to the artist.  I am pretty sure if I did that, it would be a little more obvious who the stand outs are. I’m guessing that because of the judging inconsistencies or, in my opinion, judging errors, it only appears that there hasn’t been any strong standout artists this season.

The only thing I am really sure about this season is that Meg should not have been sent home and the judging this season seems to me to be so off base.  Every week, I find myself completely disagreeing with many of the decisions they are making.

I look forward to the rest of the season.  Face Off is probably my favorite “reality” show.  I can’t stand 99.9% of reality shows I’ve seen on TV.  Most reality shows are stupid, shallow, mindless entertainment made for a stupid, mindless, shallow public.  But, there’s a few that are truly interesting and Face Off is on the top of that list.  So, when a season like this comes along and there’s not really any standout artists at this point in the show I have to really wonder if it’s not so much the artists fault as it is a problem with judging.

It’s important to add that I don’t think judges need to be changed for next season.  I don’t think what’s been going on this season with the judges is a conspiracy on their part to make the winners seem almost random.  I just think, it’s a weird season and the only thing that really stands out as to why is the judges decisions thus far.  They honestly just seem that their decision making is “off” is all I’m trying to say.

Updated: 10-10-15 3:35pm Oh and one last thing about Ben Ploughman on Face Off.  I was just rereading this quick article and it’s important to say that I think Ben is a great artist.  I just did not like this particular makeup at all.  Exception of the feathers and the character concept.  He’s done some really good work this season and I wish him the best this season. Everyone on the show is truly talented.