Deliver Us from Evil…

Deliver Us from Evil 2014I don’t know where to begin with all the suck that is Deliver Us from Evil.  I had such high hopes for this.  I know that it was based on “true” story.  It had me wondering from the previews how a real life NYPD cop could be hunting demons at work.  I am not sure what I expected, I don’t believe in any of the stuff this guy believes in but I love a good religious story.  This however, wasn’t one.  Basically what I think happened here is a studio executive somewhere must have said, “Hey we got this nutbag former cop that claims he hunts demons.  We have got to exploit the shit outta this!”  It’s the only explanation for such a ridiculous story.

I really do love a good scary religious type story.  Loved the Exorcist.  I even think most of the recent possession films that most reviewers have slammed weren’t that bad.  But, this movie is so bad, it hurts.  And, that is a shame.  It has such a great cast but I couldn’t get past the fact this is supposed to be a true story and it was just so damn ridiculous.   Tt scared me to think that there was once a cop on the streets that damn crazy.

The movie is about New York police officer Ralph Sarchie.  While investigating some crimes he begins to believe that they are all connected and something Biblically evil is responsible for it all. The stuff that goes on is just so ridiculous it’s laughable at points.  I wanted to like this movie.  I really, really did but I just couldn’t get past the fact that there is no way that any of this ever really happened.  Nothing like it ever really happened.  If just half of what this ex-cop said was true it would have made world wide news.  So, my guess is that this guy is either a con man trying to make a buck, he’s really gullible or he’s really stupid.

Deliver Us From This Movie

Deliver Us From This Movie

Now that I have shit all over this movie.   I will point out the good parts.  The acting is really good despite the ridiculous things these poor actors had to pretend happened with a straight face.  It was well directed.  The special effects are top notch.  It had some creepy parts to it. But, the best part of the entire movie was the ending.  Well, that and the very few scenes with Olivia Munn in them.  One can never have too much Olivia Munn.

For all the good the film has to offer, there just wasn’t enough of it to carry the story in my opinion.  The story seemed jumbled and the cops leap from, there has to be a logical explanation to all of this to, it’s a demon, happens too fast for me.  I kept thinking, “Some of these characters have some serious psychological disorders going on.  From PTSD to cutting disorders and schizophrenia these people are suffering some seriously mental delusions and far too soon this cop just makes it all worse by falling for the hysteria.

If you’re really gullible and border on idiotic you will probably really, really like this movie.  If you’re just looking for something that has some creepy parts in it to watch on a dark night when you’re home alone, maybe you will enjoy the movie more than I did.  It’s just that I don’t personally know of anyone with any brains that loved this movie.  I had some of my religious friends watch this film because I wanted the perspective from some good people that are religious.  The best I got from them was a very unmotivated, “It was okay.”  This movie in my opinion is a total skip.  It won’t kill you to watch it.  It just comes off as more of propaganda type movie that’s promoting a religious agenda than a good supernatural horror kinda film.

Cast Of Characters:
Eric Bana    …     Sarchie
Edgar Ramirez    …     Mendoza
Olivia Munn    …     Jen
Chris Coy    …     Jimmy
Dorian Missick    …     Gordon
Sean Harris    …     Santino
Joel McHale    …     Butler