The Hallow 2015 Quick Review…

The Hallow movie posterThe Hallow is about a young couple and their baby who have just moved into a very old house on the edge of a forest in Ireland. Demonic looking creatures have taken notice of them and they are forced to fight for their lives.

I thought this movie wasn’t bad. It had many things I love about a horror movies. It had real creature effects, the acting was very believable the use of CGI was mainly used to enhance the practical effects in most of the cases.  No fake syfi type monsters or effects here. The only thing that really bothered me was the husband character, Adam Hitchens played by Joseph Mawle. Great performance but his character does the same two stupid things, back to back and that were just frustratingly stupid it took me out of the movie for a minute.

The scenes in question, a driving scene. One we’ve seen a thousand times before, the distracted driver scene. We know, anytime a drive gets distracted and takes his eyes off the road, bad things are going to happen. Sure enough, Adam takes his eyes off the road and of course the moment he looks back to the road there’s now someone or something in front of him. I hate that, it’s predictable, frustrating and just bad story telling. However, you would think someone who just nearly killed something in the road from not paying attention would learn a lesson from it. Not this asshat. Not 30 seconds latter he gets distracted again, and takes his eyes off the road. At this point, I want him to die. Anyone that fucking stupid does not deserve my attention. Then to top it all off, after discovering what can only be described as really big fucking claw marks on his car, he still thinks, it was the crazy local guy. Really?!

Claw marks found on car

Also, I felt The Hallow took a while to get going. And, when it does, it lacks direction. And, by that I mean the story tries to be a “Tree Doctor” doing really important work who discovers a type of fungi that is deadly. however, there’s a crazy local that keeps showing up trying to warn the young couple about the creatures in the woods. But, he does it in the most threatening of ways. The fungus aspect of the story doesn’t really evolve like it should and it never really gets resolved. So it’s this fascinating “The Thing” type concept that begs to investigated but instead goes mostly ignored. It was the key to everything, one would have thought this guy would have been desperate to develop a cure. Instead, he pretty much continues to do the wrong this every time he’s faced with a choice. There’s also a very old “Evil Dead” looking book that probably has all kinds of answers in it that, like the fungus, the book goes pretty much ignored throughout the movie. I mean, the two main keys to surviving this event and they go completely ignored. Frustrating.

Old book in The Hallow

Clair, the wife, played by Bojana Novakovic was believable. Her acting was excellent! Her character was relatable and believable. I should have liked The Hallow more. It’s not a bad horror movie by any means. The acting, the special effects, directing and specially the cinematography were all fantastic. The story, just seemed to miss a few beats and that’s a real shame because there was so much good here. I do recommend this movie however even though it’s frustrating that it could have been a lot better. So enjoy it for the real practical effects, the great acting, production value. Oh and the forest scenery at night is breathtakingly beautiful and darkly hypnotic.

Cast of Characters:
Joseph Mawle … Adam Hitchens
Bojana Novakovic … Clare Hitchens
Michael McElhatton … Colm Donnelly
Michael Smiley … Garda Davey
Gary Lydon … Doyle
Stuart Graham … Contractor Paul Williams