Howl 2015…

Howl is about a group of passengers on a train, stopped in the middle of nowhere are attacked by a creature and they must either band together to fight it or die one by one.

This direct to video movie should have been more popular. It’s really good. Though it does start off a little slow. The first 12 minutes or so comes as very mundane as we are introduced to the characters but the character development really pays off as the mood is slowly built. The acting is solid and the characters, though somewhat stereo-typical, are all well played and believable.The special effects are mainly practical so there’s not really any CGI around to ruin it.

This is a great addition to any horror movie collection.  I highly recommend Howl. It’s got great atmosphere as well and you can easily imagine yourself trapped on that late night train along with them. It’s builds the suspense well. None of the violence is gratuitous, would like to have seen more but hopefully there will be a sequel and we can get some history and some more gore.

Maybe “Howl” at a small B&B in the countryside or better yet, a family member of the victims doesn’t believe the official account of what happened on this train. Maybe there was a coverup for obvious reasons and they set out to discover the truth and while staying at a near by secluded bed and breakfast he or she attracts the attention of the creatures bringing their wrath down upon those staying at the tiny inn. I swear I should be paid for this kinda stuff.

Cast of Characters:
Ed Speleers – Joe
Holly Weston – Ellen
Sean Pertwee – Train Driver Tony
Shauna Macdonald – Kate
Elliot Cowan – Adrian
Amit Shah – Matthew
Sam Gittins – Billy
Rosie Day – Nina
Duncan Preston – Ged
Ania Marson – Jenny
Calvin Dean – Paul, the drunken football yob
Brett Goldstein – David, the new Supervisor
Ryan Oliva – Scar Werewolf
Robert Nairne – Hunchback Werewolf
Ross Mullan – Blonde Werewolf