The Innkeepers 2011 Quick Review

by Aug 20, 2016

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The Innkeepers is about a two employees working the last weekend before the Inn Closes for good. With only a couple of guests staying for the weekend they decide this is their final chance to do some serious ghost hunting and prove the place is haunted once and for all. The more they hunt, the more they find.

Written and Directed By
Ti West

Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, Kelly McGillis

The Innkeepers has been on my list to watch for a while now. I am sorry that I put it off for so long. I loved everything about this movie except for the ending. It doesn’t ruin the movie but it doesn’t do the movie justice. The acting, the dialog, the story, the direction and cinematography all superb. With the exception of the ending there just isn’t much not to like about this movie.

Ti West, the writer and director does an excellent job of capturing everything from the mundane and monotony of the the employees at the beginning of The Innkeepers. And, he did it without making the audience feel bored. Then, as the story progresses he builds the tension and suspense until it’s final climactic glory. But, it was the dialog that most caught my attention. There was a line uttered by Luke played by Pat Healy about being a realist that is almost verbatim to what I have been saying to describe myself or rather my philosophy for decades. It made me wonder if I had met the guy before.

The Acting was great and Sara Paxton was amazing as Clair. The faces she makes are so expressive. I fell in love with her character instantly. Pat Healy was great. His character Luke was an asshole most of the time but not to the point of total douchery. That’s not easy to pull off. You want to like the guy but you can’t and then you can. It made for an interesting character.

Now, as mentioned, the ending. A bad ending can ruin an otherwise good horror movie. This didn’t ruin the movie by any means. I am sure it’s possible that some may have even been okay with the ending. I was not. But, I have to admit that maybe I just didn’t get the ending? I felt it needed more. It’s like there was a twist to it that I felt was supposed to have a deeper meaning to it that I just didn’t see. However, I can’t stress enough to not let that stop you from watching this. It’s a good story. There’s some good creepiness and some decent scares to it. And, Sara Paxton’s performance was brilliant.

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