At the Devil’s Door 2014!

At the Devil’s Door 2014!

At the Devil’s Door 2014…

At the Devil's Door 2014At the Devil’s Door is about three hot women that never get naked or have sex.  The end.  Okay, just kidding.  This isn’t the end, but the first part is sadly true.

I made two notes while watching this film.  The first one has to do with the things the transitions from past to present.  The film jumps back and forth a couple of times.  The problem is that the jumps back are fairly obvious.  However, there’s no obvious jump forward.  So things are going and I am thinking this is something that previously happened.  Only to realize I am back in present day and no one told me.  It was a little frustrating but I could overlook that.

The second note came about 28 minutes into the film.  One of characters is at home and the lights go off.  She hears things, she walks around the house checking things out in the dark for a bit but eventually uses her cell phone for some added light.  Okay, I can accept that.  But, then she sees that her front door is now open.  Okay, she closes it.  There’s a storm out, maybe the wind blew it open?  That could happen.  Except for the noises she was hearing.  The powers out, strange noises, front door suddenly open.  A smart person would would go to the neighbors house and call the police.  Or, close the door and deadbolt it shut!  What does she do?  She closes the door and uses latches one of those cheep old door chain that no one has seen seen since the 70’s.  Really?

At the Devil's Door 2014 Ashley Rickards

I know I play a ghost, demon teen but you still think I’m hot. Don’t you. DON’T YOU!

Then there’s this mirror, wtf is going on with this mirror in the movie.  Was there a part in the movie I missed where this is a mirror ghost?  Nope, it’s just a mirror that for some the ghost or demon decides to keep covering?  Why?  It’s demon, is it afraid of it’s looks?  Why was it always hiding?  Pretty cowardly demon.

The film did have a good tone to it.  It was interesting but there was some stupid things the characters did that just made me not like this movie.  One of the more stupid was towards the end.  One of characters plans to do something so stupid.  Granted, I understand her motivation.  But, what she’s planning on doing is so serious and she thinks she can do this stupid thing and just get away with it?  We see no planning, nothing.  And, then for no reason, her mind is changed and we have no idea why.  We can guess, but this is a movie, I don’t want to guess.  If I wanted to guess, I would have not bothered to watch it and just guesses at the film fucking ended.

You’ve been warned.  Not even the hotness of the three main ladies in this film can save it.

Cast of Characters:
Catalina Sandino Moreno … Leigh
Naya Rivera … Vera
Ashley Rickards … Hannah
Mark Steger … Thin Man