10 Horror Movies Worth Watching

10 Horror Movies Worth Watching

10 Horror Movies Worth Watching…

I know, I know the name of the site is Bad Horror Movies.  Well, I can’t help it I have been writing reviews for about a day now trying to get this going and I need to cleanse my pallet with some of the horror movies out there that are worth taking a look at.  But not just any horror movies.  10 Horror movies you may not have seen.   I am not saying that all of these these horror movies should have been Academy Award winners. Just saying that in the vast plethora of bad horror movies these 10 are worth watching if you haven’t seen them.

In no so specific order they are…

Absentia 2011Absentia 2010
Tricia’s husband Daniel has been missing for seven years. Her younger sister Callie comes to live with her as the pressure mounts to finally declare him ‘dead in absentia.’ As Tricia sifts through the wreckage and tries to move on with her life, Callie finds herself drawn to an ominous tunnel near the house. As she begins to link it to other mysterious disappearances, it becomes clear that Daniel’s presumed death might be anything but ‘natural.’ The ancient force at work in the tunnel might have set its sights on Callie and Tricia … and Daniel might be suffering a fate far worse than death in its grasp.
– Written by Mike Flanagan (Director)

Starts off a little slow but it’s an interesting story and I really liked Katie Parker in it.  Strong yet vulnerable, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Cast of Characters:
Katie Parker    …     Callie
Courtney Bell    …     Tricia
Dave Levine    …     Det. Mallory
Justin Gordon    …     Det. Lonergan
Morgan Peter Brown    …     Daniel

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Tucker and Dale vs. Evil 2010 Tucker and Dale vs. Evil 2010
Two lovable West Virginian hillbillies, are headed to their “fixer-upper” vacation cabin to drink some beer, do some fishin’, and have a good time. But when they run into a group of preppy college kids who assume from their looks that they must be in-bred, chainsaw wielding killers, Tucker & Dale’s vacation takes a bloody & hilarious turn for the worse.
– Written by Tucker

I first saw a rough cut of this that I actually think was better than the final product, in that it used a couple of different takes in the final version that I think didn’t work as well as the rough cut. However, what an original idea this movie is.  If you don’t get why this movie is great, you’re not a horror true horror fan.

Cast of Characters:
Tyler Labine    …     Dale
Alan Tudyk    …     Tucker
Katrina Bowden    …     Allison
Jesse Moss    …     Chad
Philip Granger    …     Sheriff
Brandon Jay McLaren    …     Jason (as Brandon McLaren)
Christie Laing    …     Naomi
Chelan Simmons    …     Chloe
Travis Nelson    …     Chuck
Alex Arsenault    …     Todd (as Alexander Arsenault)

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Eden Lake 2008Eden Lake 2008
Nursery teacher Jenny and her boyfriend Steve, escape for a romantic weekend away. Steve, planning to propose, has found an idyllic setting: a remote lake enclosed by woodlands and seemingly deserted. The couple’s peace is shattered when a gang of obnoxious kids encircles their campsite. Reveling in provoking the adults, the gang steals the couple’s belongings and vandalizes their car leaving them completely stranded. When Steve confronts them, tempers flare and he suffers a shocking and violent attack. Fleeing for help, Jenny is subject to a brutal and relentless game of cat-and-mouse as she desperately tries to evade her young pursuers and find her way out of the woods.
– Written by Pathe International

This is sort of a revenge horror film.  I normally don’t like these kinds of films because they just frustrate me so much.  I suffer from a Superman complex, when I see someone being abused or bullied I just want to jump in and save the day.  This being a movie, all I could do is sit and watch.  However, there is some pay back that makes it worthwhile plus some surprises along the way.

Cast of Characters:
Kelly Reilly    …     Jenny
Michael Fassbender    …     Steve
Tara Ellis    …     Abi
Jack O’Connell    …     Brett
Finn Atkins    …     Paige
Jumayn Hunter    …     Mark
Thomas Turgoose    …     Cooper

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Grave Encounters 2011Grave Encounters Poster 2011
Lance Preston and the crew of “Grave Encounters”, a ghost-hunting reality television show, are shooting an episode inside the abandoned Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, where unexplained phenomena have been reported for years. All in the name of good television, they voluntarily lock themselves inside the building for the night and begin a paranormal investigation, capturing everything on camera. They quickly realize that the building is more than just haunted – it is alive – and it has no intention of ever letting them leave. They find themselves lost in a labyrinth maze of endless hallways and corridors, terrorized by the ghosts of the former patients. They soon begin to question their own sanity, slipping deeper and deeper into the depths of madness, ultimately discovering the truth behind the hospital’s dark past…and taping what turns out to be their final episode.
– Written by Producer (IMBD)

It’s been a while since I saw this one but it stands out in my mind as surprisingly well done.  Some good scares and a lot of creepiness.  There’s a sequel to it I haven’t seen yet.  But, this one is definitely worth a late night watch.

Cast of Characters:
Sean Rogerson as Lance Preston
Ashleigh Gryzko as Sasha Parker
Merwin Mondesir as T.C. Gibson
Mackenzie Gray as Houston Grey
Juan Riedinger as Matt White
Arthur Corber as Dr. Arthur Friedkin
Bob Rathie as Kenny Sandavol (Caretaker)
Matthew K. McBride as Spiritual Force
Ben Wilkinson as Jerry Hartfield
Alex Timmer as The Tongueless Demon
Eva Gifford as Demon Girl
Michele Cummins as Bathtub Demon
Shawn Macdonald as Morgan Turner
Fred Keating as Gary Crawford
Max Train as Punk Guy
Marita Eason as Punk Girl
Luis Jamer as Javier Ortega

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Ginger Snaps 2000 (Trilogy)Ginger Snaps 2000 The Ginger Snaps Film Poster
Is a 2000 Canadian horror film directed by John Fawcett. The film focuses on two teenage sisters, Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald (Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins), who have a fascination with death. The title is a pun on the cookie ginger snap. “Snap” (snapping) also relates to losing one’s self-control, or a quick, aggressive bite. During the film’s production, the Columbine High School massacre and the W. R. Myers High School shooting took place, causing public controversy over the film’s horror themes and the funding it received from Telefilm. – Wikipedia

It is the first entry in the Ginger Snaps trilogy, followed by Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed and Ginger Snaps Back.

I enjoyed this movie so much.  Ginger Snaps is the first film in the trilogy.  Such an unusual yet refreshing story.  I recommend binge watching the trilogy. Two sisters, werewolves, you can’t go wrong here.

Cast of Characters:
Emily Perkins as Brigitte Fitzgerald
Katharine Isabelle as Ginger Fitzgerald
Kris Lemche as Sam MacDonald
Mimi Rogers as Pamela Fitzgerald
Jesse Moss as Jason McCardy
Danielle Hampton as Trina Sinclair
John Bourgeois as Henry Fitzgerald
Peter Keleghan as Mr. Wayne
Christopher Redman as Ben
Jimmy MacInnis as Tim
Lindsay Leese as Nurse Ferry
Wendii Fulford as Ms. Sykes
Lucy Lawless voice on school’s PA system

Ginger Snaps 2000 The Ginger Snaps Screen GrabBuy These Films on Amazon

The Changeling 1980The Changeling 1980
John Russell (George C. Scott), a composer living in Syracuse, New York, moves cross-country to Washington state following a tragic traffic accident while on a winter vacation in upstate New York. In suburban Seattle, John rents a large, old and eerie Victorian-era mansion and begins piecing his life back together. However, John soon discovers that he has unexpected and unwelcome company in his new home.

If you haven’t seen this you’re missing out on one of the most haunting ghost films of all time.  There are moments so creepy they will give you the chills.  A lot of the things in this movie have been done over and over in other films since this movie’s release back in 1980 but few have done it better.

Cast of Characters:
George C. Scott as John Russell, composer
Melvyn Douglas as Sen. Joseph Carmichael
Trish Van Devere as Claire Norman
Eric Christmas as Albert Harmon
John Colicos as De Witt
Jean Marsh as Joanna Russell
Roberta Maxwell as Eva Lingstrom
Barry Morse as Doctor Pemberton
Terence Kelly as Sgt. Durban

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Bubba Ho-Tep 2002Bubba Ho-Tep 2002 Poster
Based on the Bram Stoker Award nominee short story by cult author Joe R. Lansdale, Bubba Ho-tep tells the “true” story of what really did become of Elvis Presley. We find Elvis (Bruce Campbell) as an elderly resident in an East Texas rest home, who switched identities with an Elvis impersonator years before his “death”, then missed his chance to switch back. Elvis teams up with Jack (Ossie Davis), a fellow nursing home resident who thinks that he is actually President John F. Kennedy, and the two valiant old codgers sally forth to battle an evil Egyptian entity who has chosen their long-term care facility as his happy hunting grounds.
– Written by Eric Shovanda

If you’re a Bruce Campbell fan, you’ve already seen this one. If not, it’s so quirky and ridiculous but so well done and so much fun.

Cast of Characters:
Bruce Campbell as Elvis Presley / Sebastian Haff
Ossie Davis as John F. “Jack” Kennedy
Ella Joyce as The Nurse
Heidi Marnhout as Callie
Bob Ivy as Bubba Ho-tep
Chuck Williams as Elvis’ Friend
Larry Pennell as Kemosabe
Reggie Bannister as Rest Home Administrator
Daniel Roebuck as Hearse Driver
Daniel Schweiger as Hearse Driver

Bubba Ho-Tep 2002 Bruce Campbell and Ozzie DavisBuy These Films on Amazon


Pontypool 2008Pontypool 2008
When disc jockey Grant Mazzy (Stephen McHattie) reports to his basement radio station in the Canadian town of Pontypool, he thinks it’s just another day at work. But when he hears reports of a virus that turns people into zombies, Mazzy barricades himself in the radio booth and tries to figure out a way to warn his listeners about the virus and its unlikely mode of transmission. – Unknown

What a unique find this film was.  Most of it happens in your mind and it’s amazing. A radio talk show host starts getting calls from people witnessing others seeming to go crazy.  Most of the story is told through those calling into the radio show as some kinda virus is spreading like wildfire. But, the virus it’s self, is spread in the most unusual way. The suspense is intense in this one.

Cast of Characters:
Stephen McHattie as Grant Mazzy
Lisa Houle as Sydney Briar
Georgina Reilly as Laurel-Ann Drummond
Hrant Alianak as Dr. Mendez
Rick Roberts as Ken Loney
Boyd Banks as Jay (Osama)
Tony Burgess as Tony (Lawrence)
Rachel Burns as Colin (Daud)

Georgina Reily in Pontypool 2008Buy These Films on Amazon


Dog Soldiers 2002Dog Soldiers 2002
During a routine nighttime training mission in the Scottish Highlands, a small squad of British soldiers expected to rendezvous with a special ops unit instead find a bloody massacre with a sole survivor. The savage attackers of the special ops team return, and the men are rescued by Megan (Emma Cleasby), a zoologist who identifies what hunts them as werewolves. Without transport or communications, the group is forced to retreat to a farmhouse to wait for the full moon to disappear at dawn.
– Rotten Tomatoes

I saw this one years ago and what fun it was.  An original werewolf story.  Soldiers in the field being stalked by the beast.  Great acting and effects bring you right into the action because this just isn’t a horror movie, it’s also an action movie I would say.

Cast of Characters:
Kevin McKidd as Private Cooper
Sean Pertwee as Sergeant Harry G. Wells
Emma Cleasby as Megan
Liam Cunningham as Captain Ryan
Darren Morfitt as Private “Spoon” Witherspoon
Chris Robson as Private Joe Kirkley
Leslie Simpson as Private Terry Milburn
Thomas Lockyer as Corporal Bruce Campbell

Dog Soldiers 2002 Movie StillBuy These Films on Amazon

Well, there you have it.  If you haven’t seen these, they really are worth checking out.  Feel free to let me know you if you do, or don’t.  I don’t really care.  Well, okay, maybe I care a little.