Wolfcop 2014

Wolfcop 2014

Wolfcop 2014…

Wolfcop Movie Poster 2014Wolfcop tells the tale of an alcoholic cop that drinks so much, most mornings he has no memory of how he even got home.  He is eventually attacked and becomes not just a werewolf, but Wolfcop!

I enjoy a good hood horror comedy. This movie made me smile. I’m not going to lie and say it’s the funniest or scariest movie out there.  It’s not.  I will say that it surprised me a couple of times with things I honestly didn’t expect or see coming.  It was an absolute pleasure watching this movie.  It’s not often I can watch a movie and not have it all figured out within a few minutes.  Wolfcop isn’t a work of genius but it sure was original in its own way.

The acting was fine, not a bad actor in the bunch and it was good to see to Jesse Moss again.  He will always be the asshole in Tucker and Dale Vs Evil to me but he’s so good at playing the asshole.  I first noticed him way back in 2006’s Final Destination 3 but he’s been acting a long time it was a good to see him show up in Wolfcop.

Then I smiled when I saw Jonathan Cherry of Final Destination 2 fame. FD2 was my personal favorite of the series. Loved his character in it.  Just instantly likable in whatever he does. That made his character in this film even better as Wolfcop’s new buddy.  He delivers another strong, fun performance in this.

Amy Matysio in Wolfcop 2014

Let’s face it, Wolfcop ROCKS!

It’s a good feeling when you start movie that you know very little about and just a few minutes into it you already see some old friends.  The nice thing about this movie was I feel as though I have made new friends that I will be looking forward to seeing again on the screen.

The special effects also stand out.  One of the reason it’s taken me so long to see Wolfcop is because bad special effects bother me.  I can accept them under certain circumstances and I probably would have enjoyed this movie even if the special effects weren’t that good.  Thankfully, there were pretty damn impressive.  Way better than I was expecting.  You can’t not be impressed by them.

The story could have been a little stronger.  The movie’s runtime is only an hour and eighteen minutes, that’s really short.  I’m sure that had to do with the budget.  Still, would have been nice to see a few more scenes of Wolcop out on patrol and some more investigative scenes with Amy Matysio character Tina.  She played the other deputy and I think a scene or two more with her investigating what’s going on would have strengthened the film.  She was awesome in this and I would have loved to see more of her. However, what they were able to do in that short amount of time was amazing.

Sarah Lind in Wolfcop 2014

I can’t even think of anything witty to say.

My only other complaint is a little on the shallow and immature side.  Okay, they’re a lot on the shallow and immature side.  Sarah Lind plays the hot Bartender/owner and she was just so insanely hot in this movie it almost hurt.  Being hot wasn’t the problem though.  The problem was the sex scene she was in.  Not the sex scene itself because it was great.  It was the teasing of it all that I had issue with.  I literally felt like a teenager again, thinking, “OMG, if they show her boobs I’m gonna die!”  I didn’t think they were going to go there. I didn’t think were would be Sarah Lind boobies.  There were boobies but sadly, they took me right out of the scene because those were stand-in boobies.  It would have been near religious experience to see Sarah Lind‘s actual boobs.  Instead, we get added in footage of someone else’s.  Not that they weren’t nice but it was obvious they weren’t the actresses. Sadly, it completely ruined the moment.  I know, I’m a perv, I’m not gonna deny it.  I’m just saying it was like driving cross country to see Walley World and then finding it closed when you get there.

So aside from my childish and pervy disillusionment at the use of a body double and the movie simply not being long enough, what a great time I had watching this movie.  If you’re looking for a fun movie night with friends or you’re an middle age loser such as myself you can’t go wrong with this movie.  It’s fun and and actually takes a couple of turns you won’t see coming.

The best news, as I understand it, they are currently filming the sequel and I can’t wait!

Cast of Characters:
Leo Fafard as Sergeant Lou Garou/The WolfCop
Amy Matysio as Sergeant Tina
Jonathan Cherry as Willie Higgins
Sarah Lind as Jessica
Aiden Devine as Chief Officer
Jesse Moss as Gang Leader
Corrine Conley as Mayor Bradley
James Whittingham as Coroner
Ryland Alexander as Terry Wallace