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The Pact 2 2014The Pact 2: June Abbott is a young woman that lives with her boyfriend, the police officer Meyer and works cleaning up crime scenes. June has dreadful visions at home of the deceased killer Judas and his victims and she draws her visions in her leisure time expecting to make a book. When her stepmother is cruelly murdered in a copycat crime, June believes that Judas must have returned from the afterlife. But she becomes the prime suspect of the FBI Agent Ballard that is investigating the cases. June contacts the former victim of Judas, Annie Barlow, expecting that she might help her. But when Annie is murdered, Meyer warns June that Agent Ballard is the copycat killer; but June is alone at home with Ballard. Will she survive?
Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I think I liked this a little more than the first one.  I thought they did a good job of connecting the two films. Camilla Luddington plays June Abbott.  She’s our main heroine in the sequel, though Caity Lotz returns briefly as Annie Barlow from the first film along with the lovely Haley Hudson as Stevie.  Though Haley Hudson’s appearance is way too short. Her character pretty much serves no purpose in this film.  Sure it was nice to see my future girlfriend again but why they didn’t include her more in the story, I have no idea.  Camilla Luddington was believable in the film.  There was some decent suspense and I don’t recall too many of the characters doing anything tragically stupid. In these types of horror movies, it’s about the best you can ask for.

The Pact 2 2014 Camilla Luddington and Ghost

Being overweight I could only look upon that shadow with complete envy. Just sayin’.

I recommend this one.  It wasn’t great, there’s nothing really exciting, there’s no real wow moments but it will at least entertain you for 96 minutes.  There was some decent creepy moments and little twist at the end.  I don’t know if the twist was predictable or not but right before it happened, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be neat if…” and then my “if” happened.  I do recommend that you watch the The Pact first.  It’s not necessary but it makes for a better experience when you know who some of the characters are.

Cast of Characters:
Caity Lotz as Annie Barlow
Camilla Luddington as June Abbott
Scott Michael Foster as Officer Daniel Meyer
Amy Pietz as Maggie Abbot
Patrick Fischler as FBI Agent Ballard
Haley Hudson as Stevie
Mark Steger as Charles Barlow / Judas
Nicki Micheaux as Lt. Eileen Carver
Alexandra Ryan as CPS Interviewer (voice)
Brad Grunberg as Building Manager
Trent Haaga as Pink Room Receptionist
Leonel Claude as Forensic Team
Suziey Block as Ellie Ford
Joshua Grote as Snyder