It Follows 2014

It Follows 2014

It Follows 2014After carefree teenager Jay (Maika Monroe) sleeps with her new boyfriend, Hugh (Jake Weary), for the first time, she learns that she is the latest recipient of a fatal curse that is passed from victim to victim via sexual intercourse. Death, Jay learns, will creep inexorably toward her as either a friend or a stranger. Jay’s friends don’t believe her seemingly paranoid ravings, until they too begin to see the phantom assassins and band together to help her flee or defend herself.”  -Google Search

It Follows 2014

It Follows has way too many good reviews.  I was looking forward to seeing this and all I can say is, what a let down.  It’s not bad.  It would be unfair to say it was a bad horror movie.  But, after all the hype, what a complete let down.  The acting is fine.  The story, was interesting but it was just so slow, I struggled to stay awake.  The main character does things that just didn’t make sense to me.

…and some poor bastard of boy who is painfully stuck in the friend zone…


It Follows Keir Gilchrist As Paul Friendzone

“What’s that sound?” Dude, it’s the sad sound of you landing in the friendzone.

The movie starts out strong.  But, it just slows to a crawl.  There’s a few moments of action in the movie.  But, for the most part it’s just this teen girl (Jay), her sisters and some poor bastard of boy who is painfully stuck in the friend zone, just sitting around waiting for it to follow her.  And, when shit does happen in the house, their mother is like almost never around, our heroine is running and screaming waking up her sisters but mom I guess is one deep fucking sleeper cause she never wakes up.  She does show up to visit her daughter in the hospital a couple of times but aside from that she’s amazingly never around.

It Follows 2014 Maika Monroe As Jay Height

It was supposed to be scary and suspenseful but honestly, this just looked the beginning of a great date to me. Just sayin…

Jay, our heroine, finally decides to figure out what’s going on and hunts down the asshat responsible for “it” following her.  It stops there.  The asshat has very little information and she decides to not do anything with the information.  That made no sense.  She just seems to accept that there is no way to stop it they all decide to stay at a friends cabin by the lake.  I mean that was just stupid.

You want to know what’s going on but Jay seems content hiding out in a cabin in the woods.  Really? How original for a bunch of teens to end up in a cabin, in the woods.

You want to know what’s going on but Jay seems content hiding out in a cabin in the woods.  Really? How original for a bunch of teens to end up in a cabin, in the woods.  Of course “It” soon finds Jay and in her total panic she takes her friend’s car and speeds off leaving them all behind.  Really?  She knows “It” just walks.  She couldn’t just drive ahead few yards and let her friends in?

The whole reason I stayed with the movie was to learn how the curse started and how she defeats it.  That’s pretty much what you need to make a good movie.  Well, you don’t get that here. The movie just up and ends.  Was the curse passed on to someone else?  The filmmakers suggest that but it’s not clear.  And, as a member of the audience I want to know what they hell the whole curse was about?  I am left feeling unfulfilled.  It’s like they expect this movie to be good enough to make a sequel and then they plan to explain more in that.  That’s crap, total crap.

It Follows Bad Hair Day

It takes more than a bad hair day to make a horror movie.

As I said, the acting was fine.  The movies score had a nice early 80’s feel to it and that was kind fun.  But, it just wasn’t enough.  I need more than a retro sound track to keep me interested.  I really wanted to like this but it was just so damn boring.  Yes, there was suspense but most of the time it was just the kids sitting around doing absolutely nothing. They just sat around waiting for something to happen.  And, when Jay finally decides to investigate she stops at the first person she talks to.  There was at least some information for her to go on and she doesn’t follow through with it.

I honestly can’t figure what all the critics see in this movie.  It’s slow, it’s really slow.  I like golfing and I like horror movies.  I have watched golf on TV and I can honestly say, watching golf is more exciting and than this movie.  It’s not quite as boring as watching paint dry or or waiting for water to boil so that’s a plus I guess.  Let’s just say this movie lands somewhere between watching paint dry and watching golf on TV.

This movie could have been great.  It could have been the next Final Destination.  It’s a great idea but it’s the idea that needed more explanation and it certainly needed a better ending. This movie is sold like a horror mystery and it’s very little horror, very little mystery and what mystery it has it doesn’t give you anything other than it’s a curse.  The films description is as good as it gets.  You don’t learn anything more than what you get from reading the films description.  Take my advice and just read the films description and save yourself an hour and forty minutes of your life.

It Follows Old Creepy Lady

Okay, creepy old lady was in fact creepy for about a minute but then it just became silly.

Cast of Characters:
Maika Monroe as Jay Height
Keir Gilchrist as Paul
Olivia Luccardi as Yara
Lili Sepe as Kelly Height
Daniel Zovatto as Greg Hannigan
Jake Weary as Jeff Redmond / Hugh
Bailey Spry as Annie
Debbie Williams as Mrs. Height
Ruby Harris as Mrs. Redmond
Leisa Pulido as Mrs. Hannigan
Ele Bardha as Mr. Height
Ingrid Mortimer as Old Woman in Pajamas
Alexyss Spradlin as Girl in Kitchen
Mike Lanier as Giant Man
Don Hails as Old Naked Man