Alien Abduction 2014

Alien Abduction 2014

Alien Abduction…

Alien Abduction 2014Welcome to my first review!  Let me start by saying this review is going to be actually short and sweet. I watched this movie a while ago and while reading a post on the other day I came across the movie poster for Alien Abduction and was reminded of it and how just one scene can take a movie from being not too bad, to a bad just like that.  In fact this movie is the reason why I made this website.

Please keep in mind it was a while ago that I saw this movie.  In the future I will review movies when they’re more fresh in my head.  However, I do like to let a movie sit with me for a short while.  Too many times I see something and think it was great or it was horrible only later to change my mind one way or another.  Sometimes I will see it again and that changes everything!  For example when I was young teen and I first say Ghostbusters.  Everyone I knew said it was the funniest movie they had ever seen.  I go and see it, and I don’t think I laughed more than once or twice.  I was so disappointed in the film.  Then I see it again when it comes out on video.  I could not stop laughing.  It was fun, it was silly but not to the point of insulting.  Simply a comedy great.

How could have been so wrong?  A lot of things I guess.  The movie was so hyped by friends, it could never live up the expectations.  Time, when I saw it for the second time my expectations were much lower because enough time had passed I could finally see the film with much more of an open mind even though I still had expectations they weren’t to monumental levels.  So when I saw it for the second time it was much more of an open experience.

So what made this movie so special.  Well, after seeing the poster for it again, I decide I would get back to writing comments and reviews on again.  It’s been a while since I published an article there.  And, this movie reminded me of how, as I said earlier that just one scene can make or break a film.

Alien Abduction is a perfect example of that in my mind.  The movie is about your average family out going camping for a few days.  Nothing stands out about the family.  However, strange things happen the next morning and the actions takes off.  I will say right up front, overall the movie isn’t too bad.  I was into it at first.  It was original, it wasn’t great but the acting good, Jillian Clare plays the daughter and she’s beautiful.  No one is doing anything too stupid, so far it’s a good movie.

Of course there’s that one scene.  It’s when people do things, so stupid that it makes stop rooting for them.  Now I don’t want to give away plot lines or spoilers so I will keep the details around the mass of stupidity vague.  I will just give you the basic scene.  It’s night, the aliens are here and theirs no longer any doubt about that.  Their intentions are clear.  They are to be avoided at all costs.  So one of the characters who knows for a fact the aliens are bad and violent and very near to her decides to run through the forest screaming for someone in her family.

It was at that point I started rooting for the aliens.  They couldn’t kill her fast enough and by this point in the film you’re pretty sure she’s going to be one of the survivors and yet, I still was hoping they would kill her because I have no respect stupid people in horror movies.  When stupid people in horror movie don’t die this means that natural selection has failed.  When natural selections fails the end of the world is near.

Horror movies have been around decades now.  Horror novels have been around for centuries.  We have all seen and read them.  There is no excuse for blatant stupidity in a horror movie unless it’s used as moral rationalization for killing the character.  I want my protagonist to be smart or at the very least, not too terribly stupid.  I can accept a stupid, being chased by aliens screaming for a family member they are trying to find for a second or two.  But, if they don’t suddenly realize what they are doing is stupid and stop then I want them to die as a direct result of their stupidity.  I want them to know and understand that the reason they are about to die is because they were being stupid.  If a film doesn’t abide by this rule, it looses major points in my eyes.

So my final thoughts on this film.  It has some creepy parts, the acting as I recall was good.  If you can tolerate people who should know better, doing stupid things, then you will probably enjoy this movie.  It’s really not all that bad.  But as for actually recommending it, I am on the bubble.  It could have been so much better but instead someone ruined it by making trying to add suspense via out of character stupidity.

Cast of Characters:

Katherine Sigismund as Katie Morris
Corey Eid as Corey Morris
Riley Polanski as Riley Morris
Jillian Clare as Jillian Morris
Jeff Bowser as Sean<
Peter Holden as Peter Morris
Jordan Turchin as Officer James
Kelley Hinman as Park Ranger