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The Bad Horror Movies GuyI know in this day and age of rampant spam and tomfuckery it’s hard to trust people and the moment anyone asks for my email my defenses go up. So, thanks for trusting me. I just want to remind you that I will sell your emails. There’s no 3rd party here. It’s just me sending them. And, there should be an unsubscribe button in every email I send.

About those unsubscribe links. I never trust them. It always seems that as soon as unsubscribe from something I start getting spam from places I’ve never heard of before. That won’t happen here because I run this show and once you unsubscribe you’re out of the system. But, you’re always welcome back. Anyways, I’ve filled up enough space here so, thanks again. I look forward to having something to write you about soon.

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