Really Disappointed With The Walking Dead Season Finale…

I don’t know if I am the only one that feels this way but what a disappointment the The Walking Dead Season finale turned out to be. Seriously, waiting months for Negan’s arrival, being warned that someone is going to die and then spending 90 minutes of mood building waiting for the pay off only to be put on hold until next October. What kind of horseshit fuckery was that?! I heard Scott Gimple‘s excuse and it was pure bullshit. It is more than obvious that the only reason they didn’t show who died was because they came to the conclusion that it would be more fun to make us fucking suffer over not knowing. I get having a cliffhanger. I hate them but I get them. Cliffhangers basically tell you the show lacks the confidence that audience will come back next season or that the producers and writers don’t give a shit about the audience. In this case, it was obvious no fucks were given about the audience. A bad ending can ruin an otherwise good show. This was just simply a bad ending.

As I sit here typing this the writer’s are on the Talking Dead making excuses for this bullshit ending. I got that much of the season was about Ricks over competence, as the writer’s are spewing right now. But, this episode was about the build up to who’s Negan and who was going to suffer his retribution, that’s what every commercial has been about the past week and to not fulfill that promise is bullshitery of epic proportions. And, to claim that we didn’t need to see who died right now because that’s not what it was about? What fucking show have they been watching? It’s what the whole build up has been about and by not showing us who died, we get cheated and played with.

I am not flying off the handle and saying that I am never going to watch the show again. I am saying that I was so offended by this idiotic and disrespectful to the audience, ending that I have very little interest in next season now. An acceptable cliff hanger would have been knowing who died, seeing them die and spending the summer waiting for our fictional vengeance. Instead, the more I start to calm down the more interest I’m loosing for season 7. If I stop watching now, as far as I know they’re all alive, and in my mind Carol and Morgan show up with the guys in catcher’s outfits and save the day. Right now it’s whole Schr√∂dinger’s cat kinda thing. As long I don’t watch next season, the possibilities are endless. It was a failed cliffhanger for that reason. It would have been compelling to know who died. Not knowing isn’t compelling, it’s just frustrating and cruel and when I feel as though I was used and lied to, I lose interest.

What total disappointment. I mean the episode was so slow but it was working. It was building suspense for what we were told was going to be a very tragic act of Negan’s vengeance or reckoning. Personally, I feel lied to, at the very least, mislead and I’m just not happy about it at all. What a cheap thing to do the audience. This fan base is so huge, it’s not going anywhere. They don’t have to resort to cheap tactics like this. They can make all the excuses they want but that’s what this ending is. There’s a right way and a wrong way to end a season and this was a wrong way. It’s the first time that I can honestly say, I have no real interest in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead right now.

Seriously, Mr. Kirkman and Mr. Gimple next time you plan to screw us, at least throw us a kiss first. I will forgive you but it’s gonna take some time. That was just wrong.