We Are Still Here…

We Are Still Here is a supernatural horror movie that centers around a couple on the back side of middle age who have recently lost their grown son.  They’ve just bought an old home with a murderous history they new nothing about.

I wanted to like We Are Still Here but I just couldn’t.  It starts off slow in an attempt to set up some character foundations and it fails miserably.  First off, the couple looks like they’re right out of the 70’s but it doesn’t say what year we’re in.  They’re driving an old car so that also suggests this isn’t “current day” we’re watching so we’re left to wonder is this just the “opening scene” and we will be taken to present day in a bit or is this just a movie that’s supposed to have taken place in the 70’s?  It’s already failed because the viewer is forced to wonder these things instead paying more attention to the story.

Primary Cast Of We Are Still Here 2015

I think we’re from the late 70’s but who knows. We thought it best to be ambiguous for no reason.

However, I could have overlooked the uncertainty of the time period.  What I can’t over look is characters doing stupid things.  There are signs that something’s going on with the house. The main couple simply rationalize away everything.  One of them being even being flat out warned from another couple that bad shit happened in the house and they need to get out.  All that pretty much just gets ignored.  The grieving mom begins to think that all the strange events are her dead son trying to connect with them. The grieving dad is in typical horror movie denial mode that at least one character in every horror movie has to be in for some reason.

It gets worse than that though.  They invite some family friends up for a few days.  These friends are very spiritually in-tune to these kinds of things so maybe they can make sense of it all. The free spirited couple invites their grown son and his new girlfriend out to the house as well.  Shortly after the spiritual couple arrives they all head into town for some dinner.  They do this knowing very well that the son and girlfriend are still on their way.

Shortly after they leave the son and girlfriend arrive to find a note on the door.  The note informs them that they can just come inside or drive back into town and find them for dinner.  Son and girlfriend walk in, no key needed I guess.  Soon they decide to get it on but are interrupted by a noise down the hall.  We see the ghostly figure for a moment that they don’t.  The son decides to investigate.  We know it’s a stupid move and we know he’s going to die.  Sure enough, not only does this dumb bastard go snooping down the hall he goes down into the dark fucking basement all alone.  Thinks it’s  a “racoon” making the noise.  What a dumbass. The good news is, the guy does die and the world now has one less stupid person in it.

Dummy We Are Still Here 2015

Don’t worry, I’m just going to check out that sound in this dark, creepy basement, in this house I’ve never been in before.

It’s this kind of stupidity that just ruins horror movies.  You can’t do things in horror movies like you can in regular movies.  The characters have got to act like they’ve at least seen a horror movie once in their lives.  And, deciding to walk down the creepy ass stairs, into an unknown creepy ass basement is just fucking stupid.

The movie doesn’t get any better from there.  We Are Still Here isn’t a horrible supernatural movie, there are at least a couple of cheep scares in it.  Things, jumping out at you and so on.  But, that’s all you really get from this movie. It’s full on disappointment from start to finish when it comes to scares, suspense and interest.

The only good things in this movie are Barbara Crampton as Anne Sacchetti, the grieving mother.  Her character is believable but the writing is weak at times and the husband Paul played by Andrew Sensenig just isn’t believable as her husband to me.  It’s not because of his acting, there’s just a lack of chemistry that makes each scene with them together seem awkward.  I understand they are grieving and there’s going to be an innate sense of awkwardness in their relationship but it doesn’t come off as that.  It just comes off as these are just two people who’ve never met until the day filming started.

That Had To Hurt We Are Still Here 2015

I seriously can’t believe they did this to Dr. Leah Brahms. Geordi La Forge is going to be heartbroken.

The other good thing about We Are Still Here are the ghosts.  They look incredible, they look scary and they look deadly.  I had no problem believing that they could do some serious harm. The overall special effects are more than decent in this movie and they certainly deserve some credit.

However, with the exception of the one or two times these ghosts jump out at you there’s nothing else scary in the movie. It’s all things that we’ve seen in nearly every supernatural horror movie for the past 100 years on films.  There’s nothing in it that is really creepy.  There’s no suspense and it’s pretty much completely predictable.

I have read a few reviews of the film and they all seemed positive.  I just don’t see it.  The movie is slow.  None of the character development, help to make you care about the characters.  It’s all just a bunch of people on film that you’re not really emotionally invested. This means, when bad things happen, you don’t really care.  It really is a bad horror movie and it makes me sad to this because it’s produced by Dark Sky Films and then have produced several horror movies that I really enjoyed and several more that I look forward to seeing.

As usual, check the movie out for yourself.  You don’t have to take my word for it.  Opinions do vary.

Cast of Characters:
Barbara Crampton as Anne Sacchetti
Andrew Sensenig as Paul Sacchetti
Larry Fessenden as Jacob Lewis
Lisa Marie as May Lewis
Monte Markham as Dave McCabe
Susan Gibney as Maddie
Michael Patrick as Harry Lewis
Kelsea Dakota as Daniella
Guy Gane III as Lassander Dagmar
Elissa Dowling as Eloise Dagmar
Zorah Burress as Fiona Dagmar
Marvin Patterson as Joe the Electrician
Connie Neer as Cat McCabe